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Apple TV 4K Provides Stunning Images in High Dynamic Range

By Jason Boone

Apple promises the ‘greatest image quality ever’ with its Apple TV 4K.

Today at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, Apple unveiled its upcoming products to an excited crowd. The lineup of gadgets included a new Apple Watch, three new iPhones, and the new Apple TV 4K. Apple touted the new TV 4K as having the “greatest image quality ever.” To illustrate that fact, they connected one to a 4K HDR cinema projector and showed the audience a few clips, as well as highlighting the new 4K interface.

Any HD content you’ve already purchased will be automatically upgraded to 4K HDR at no additional charge.

Apple designed its new product around two (not so recent) advancements in image technology: 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range). “4K isn’t everything,” teased Eddie Cue, Senior VP and speaker at today’s event. After making this claim, he showed the audience a split screen image of a hummingbird—the left side in 4K and the right in 4K HDR, with a noticeable difference in image quality. Apple TV 4K is capable of producing these images since it supports Dolbyvision and HDR 10, two industry standard HDR platforms.

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Da Digital Production i principi teorici della televisione High Dynamic Range

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Le telecamere moderne riescono a riprendere immagini in un range dinamico di 14-16 F-stop. Uno “stop” indica un raddoppio di luminosità; dunque si riferisce alla possibilità di sostenere un incremento della luminosità in progressione geometrica conservando la riproduzione dei dettagli, dai neri più profondi ai bianchi (o alle tinte cromatiche) più saturi. I monitor commerciali

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