MASV 2.0 is Here – Transfer Huge Files Even Faster

By Olaf von Voss

masv 2.0

Earlier this year MASV Rush was introduced to the market, a service to transfer huge files over the internet. 100 GB worth of data? Not a problem. But as you know, there’s always room for improvement, so let’s explore the new features of MASV 2.0.

This update includes new features like a polished UI, customizable upload portals, dynamic zip support, increased number of recipients and a complete overhaul of the underlying infrastructure.

MASV 2.0

As a refresher, read our article about here. The two main features of this service are 1) the sheer endless amount of data it can handle and 2) the unique pay-as-you-go payment structure. You are able to transparently keep track of the costs using the service. Let’s do the math: 1GB worth of data for 1 recipent costs $0.15. Each GB adds that exact amount of money and each additional recipient acts as a multiplier. Check out the calculator over at in order to calculate your own estimate.

These $45.00 might look like a lot of money but try to beat that by using three individual hard drives which you have to send via courier…

New Infrastruture

MASV 2.0 is a huge update to the service since the company didn’t just add eye candy but overhauled the underlying infrastructure completely. They re-deployed to new servers, operated by leading cloud provider Microsoft Azure. This results in improved speeds for both uploads and downloads and in state-of-the-art reliability and security. Uploads at up to 800 Mbps, anyone? Downloads are capped at 400 Mbps for now but that’s due to cloud provider restrictions. MASV is working on a solution based on an in-house download manager which bypasses that restriction.

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