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Sony VENICE Gets Dual Base ISO & Starts Shipping

By Jakub Han

As Sony VENICE is about to start shipping this month, Sony announced that it will come with a dual-native ISO of 500 and 2500, similar to Panasonic VARICAM 35.

Sony VENICE cinema camera

Firmware Features Coming in Stages

Sony is planning to bring various features to their new camera in phases through firmware updates. They are starting with firmware version 1.0 which will be available in all Sony VENICE cameras from the very beginning. Version 2.0 is planned for release in August 2018 and firmware version 3.0 is scheduled for early 2019. To get more information about the key features of the new Sony VENICE Full-frame cinema camera go ahead and check our article about it.

Full Frame from the Start, plus Dual Base ISO 500 & 2500

As we already reported, despite Sony’s initial plan to only add the full-frame option at a later stage, version 1.0 firmware will include support for Full-Frame 24x36mm recording (via a paid upgrade). Several new capabilities have been now announced for the VENICE – for example a “Dual Base ISO” mode. Apart from the native 500 ISO, Sony VENICE will support an additional High Base ISO of 2500 to utilise the sensor’s proclaimed 15+ stops of exposure latitude. According to Sony, this should improve image quality in low light and achieve exceptional dynamic range – from 6 stops over to 9 stops under 18% middle gray. It’s cool to see this feature in another camera apart from Panasonic’s line-up of pro cameras (VARICAM, VARICAM LT and EVA1 have the dual base ISO feature too).

Another unique feature on the Sony VENICE is its built-in 8-step optical ND filter with servo mechanism that also allows remote control. New color science is designed to deliver a soft tonal film look with → continue…

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