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6 Steps to Mastering the Organization of Your Equipment

By John Byron Hanby, IV

Equipment organization will make you better, faster, and more creative.

As your sets get bigger, your shots become more complicated and you acquire more equipment, paying attention to details like keeping everything organized, clean, and in dedicated places can result in huge time savings and, most importantly, keep all of that beautiful and expensive camera gear safe. In this post, I’ll walk you through the equipment management system that my team at Fractal Visuals has developed for our video production company.

At Fractal Visuals, we are proud to own and operate some of the best equipment in the industry including RED Cinema Cameras, Wunder Audio microphones, and Freefly Systems Gimbals and Drones. One of the biggest challenges we face using this equipment is in management and logistics. Over the last few years, we’ve been working to develop the perfect system for equipment management.

The resulting system delivers the perfect balance of efficiency while also keeping things safe, organized, and taking up the smallest amount of space possible.

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