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2017 in review: a look back at March

Among the many things reported on in March of 2017 was this probably-not-delicious, plump-breasted pigeon. With a camera. The pigeon is probably not named Speckled Jim.

We’re looking back on the photographic world in 2017, and we kicked off March with a look at the CP+ trade show that had taken place the previous month in Yokohama, Japan. One of my favorite snippets of show coverage was a cameo made by the Michel Pigeon Camera. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, and no, it (and the pigeon) thankfully wasn’t included in a late-February roundup of things we’d found at CP+ that had been cut in half.

Overall camera news was a little on the slow side, as we’d expect for the month following a major photography trade show. Olympus finally drove the nails into the coffin of the legacy Four Thirds system, and CIPA – the standards organization behind claims that your camera’s battery doesn’t last long enough – reported that compact digital camera sales were lower than ever before.

The industry said a solemn goodbye to Popular Photography magazine and

And of course, the industry also said a solemn goodbye to Popular Photography magazine and, an institution that was shuttered after eighty years in the business. One of our own, Dan Bracagalia, got his career started at the publication, so the announcement hit very close to home for all of us at DPReview.

On the lighter side, we had our first chance to shoot with the Fujifilm GFX 50S since it was announced at Photokina the previous autumn, and by-and-large, we were very impressed with what it’s capable of. We tagged → continue…

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