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Make a Short About Tokyo, Win $10,000

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The Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia is celebrating its twentieth anniversary, and you’re invited to the party.

It has now been twenty years since Japanese actor Tetsuya Bessho founded the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia [SSFF & ASIA] festival in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo back in 1999. That first event would always be a hard act to follow.

At the inaugural edition, six short films directed by George Lucas back in his student days were screened. This caught the attention of the famed Star Wars creator, and he has supported SSFF & ASIA ever since. In a statement made in regard to the festival he once said, “Film Festivals do matter. They educate and entertain audiences with collections of works from around the world, but also they are the platforms that can change the lives of the directors behind the films forever.”

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PODCAST: An Interview With Lift-Off Film Festival Founder Ben Pohlman

By Noam Kroll

As one of the founders of The Lift Off Global Network of Film Festivals, Ben Pohlman has made it his mission to not only program groundbreaking films at his festivals, but also to help filmmakers thrive in the commercial marketplace and flourish in their careers.

Over the course of this hour long interview, Ben draws from his unique background as a festival founder to de-mystify the jury selection process and give filmmakers a realistic view of what it takes to get accepted. He also sheds light on many other critical topics including: The odds of getting into a festival, optimal runtimes for shorts & feature films, the main reasons why films get rejected, what happens after you’re accepted, and much much more.

Originally launched in England in 2011, Lift-Off is now in ten cities across the globe including: Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Manchester, Tokyo, New York, Vancouver, Amsterdam, & Sydney. The festival network has grown rapidly as it’s support of true independent film and emphasis on finding representation and global audiences for it’s alumni.

Episode 21: An Interview With Lift-Off Film Festival Founder Ben Pohlman

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From:: Noam Kroll