Canon Updates Digital Photo Professional and Other Software

By Canon Rumors Canon has released updated version of DPP as well as EOS Movie Utility. The update seems to add support for the EOS 6D Mark II, EOS Rebel SL2 as well as the EOS 5D Mark IV w/C-Log. There will be the usual bug fixes as well. Digital Photo Professional 4.6.30: Supports EOS 6D Mark II, … → continue…

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More Bad News for Canon’s 6D Mark II

By Jon Fusco

Does Canon’s new camera actually perform worse than the cheaper EOS 80D?

Canon released its 6D Mark II last month to a pretty unanimously disappointed group of DIY filmmakers. Many had hoped that Canon’s popular, cost effective little brother to the 5D would have the ability to record in 4K. It does not.

4K is quickly becoming a necessary format for cinema cameras, so this is a significant spec for Canon to leave out if it is courting the filmmaker market at all. Others are quick to point out that the photography company has been distancing their line of DSLRs from film users, perhaps in an attempt to draw more buyers towards its true cinema line of C-series cameras. The 6D was clearly updated with the photographer and not the filmmaker in mind.

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Firmware update fixes Sigma MC-11 AF issues with incompatible lenses

Sigma’s mount converter MC-11 allows you to use your Sigma SA mount and EOS mount lenses with Sony’s E-mount camera bodies. The newly launched firmware version 1.06 now fixes AF-issues that can occur with some lenses that are not officially compatible with the converter.

You can find a lens compatibility chart on the MC-11 product page and further detail about the update on the Sigma support website. As usual, you can install the firmware using Sigma’s Optimization Pro software.

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Canon EOS 6D Mark II Dynamic Range Talk & Sample Images

By Canon Rumors Full production Canon EOS 6D Mark II camera bodies have started hitting the desks of reviewers. With that, we are also seeing a lot of sample images and sensor talk. DPReview has completed a dynamic range test and have found that the EOS 6D Mark II isn’t a step forward in this regard. Base ISO … → continue…

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Canon 6D Mark II dynamic range falls behind modern APS-C cameras

We’ve reported in recent years how Canon’s newer sensor designs have started to close the dynamic range gap, compared with chips from the likes of Sony and Toshiba. Dynamic range isn’t everything, of course: Canon’s Dual Pixel sensors have brought advances in live view and video autofocus that for many people will be every bit as significant as the noticeable shortfall in Raw file malleability. But it was promising to see Canon getting competitive in an area where it had fallen behind.

Sadly though, it seems the benefits that appeared in the sensors used in the EOS 80D and EOS 5D IV have not been applied to the latest EOS 6D II, and the new camera has less dynamic range than we’ve become used to. Graphs plotted by regular DPR collaborator Bill Claff illustrate this pretty clearly. In this article, we’re taking a look at what this might mean for your images.

Dynamic range assessment

Our exposure latitude test shows what happens if you brighten a series of increasingly dark set of exposures. This illustrates what happens if you try to pull detail out of the shadows of your image.

As you can see, the EOS 6D II begins to look noisy much sooner than the broadly comparable Nikon D750, meaning you have less processing flexibility before noise starts to detract from your images.

The EOS 6D II should have a 1.3EV image quality advantage over the 80D, when the images are compared at the same size, since its sensor is so much bigger. Despite this, the EOS 80D’s images shot with the same exposures look cleaner, when brightened to the same degree. Have a look and you’ll see the difference is around 1EV, despite the head start that the 6D II’s chip should have. This → continue…

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Canon EOS 6D Mark II sample reel

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II offers decent video quality at up to Full HD (1080/60p) resolution. It doesn’t offer any form of 4K capture like its higher-end siblings, but with full Dual Pixel Autofocus and effective digital image stabilization that works in tandem with in-lens stabilization, the footage is generally smooth and in focus.

In addition to a somewhat inauthentic mojito recipe, the above video demonstrates how the EOS 6D Mark II copes with high-contrast scenes, lots of potential distractions for autofocus, as well as gives a general impression of the overall quality you’ll get from Canon’s newest HD-capable DSLR.

The video was filmed entirely hand-held with Canon’s ‘Movie Digital IS’ enabled (but not the ‘enhanced’ option), using the 1080/60p MP4 setting. White balance was kept to auto, and Auto ISO was used to allow for automatic changes in brightness while the shutter speed and aperture were controlled manually. There are also speech samples from both an external shotgun microphone and the internal microphones on the 6D II, and Canon’s Dynamic Lighting Optimizer was set to ‘High.’

What do you think about the 6D II’s video quality? Let us know in the comments.

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Should I buy a Canon EOS 6D Mark II?

Should I buy a Canon EOS 6D Mark II?

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is a better camera than its predecessor, but how much better? If you own a 6D, is it worth upgrading? And even if you don’t already shoot with a 6D, does the Mark II make a better upgrade, or a more sensible second body than the camera it replaces?

In this article I’ll be attempting to answer that question from the point of view of photographers considering the 6D Mark II either as a replacement, or a supplementary body to one of several Canon and Nikon DSLRs. I’m not comparing against equivalent mirrorless options in this article, but if there’s a camera you particularly want to see stacked up against the EOS 6D Mark II, you should check out our camera comparison tool.

I own an EOS 6D – should I upgrade to a 6D Mark II?

Assuming you’ve owned your 6D for a few years and you’ve had decent use out of it, I’d recommend upgrading to the Mark II if you have the funds. While you shouldn’t expect it to be a huge upgrade in terms of image quality for most day to day shooting, the Mark II is noticeably faster and offers a more streamlined user experience. Its AF system is much better, and the addition of a fully articulating touch-sensitive LCD and Dual Pixel AF alone will be game-changers for some photographers. Dual Pixel AF offers some of the most accurate autofocus, face detection and subject tracking – for both stills and video – we’ve ever seen.

Compare the Canon EOS 6D Mark II to the original 6D

If, on the other hand, you rarely need live view and you’re happy with the → continue…

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Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II Talk [CR2]

By Canon Rumors The Canon Cinema EOS C500 has probably been the biggest bust in the Cinema EOS lineup by most accounts. While it was the first 4K cinema EOS camera video specific camera, it was deemed overpriced when compared to the competition and and people were more interested in using the highly successful Cinema EOS C300 and … → continue…

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Preorder: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera with Canon Log

By Canon Rumors You can now preorder the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV body with Canon log preinstalled at B&H Photo. The pricing of the body is $3599, whereas the EOS 5D Mark IV is $3299 via B&H Photo and refurbished versions are $2799 via the Canon Store. To add Canon Log to the Canon EOS 5D Mark … → continue…

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Canon Stock Price Drops to More Than Two-Month Low After EU Threatens Huge Fine

By Canon Rumors Canon fined for not including 4K on the EOS 6D Mark II? From Reuters: Canon Inc’s stock fell to its lowest levels in more than two months on Friday after EU regulators said they may fine it up to 10 percent of annual revenue for jumping the gun in its acquisition of Toshiba Corp’s medical unit. The … → continue…

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Official Canon EOS 6D Mark II Sample Images and Videos

By Canon Rumors Canon Japan has posted some official full resolution image samples from the EOS 6D Mark II, along with some video samples taken with the camera. All the images are jpg, as we’ll still be waiting a little while longer for big name RAW converters. View all the samples here → continue…

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Canon EOS 7D Mark II Shutter Torture Test

By Canon Rumors ContinueCrushingTech decided it was a good idea to see how many continuous shots it would take to kill the shutter on the Canon EOS 7D Mark II. According to Canon’s specs, the EOS 7D Mark II shutter life expectancy is 200,000 actuations. Which at 10fps, means the camera should shoot continuously for more than 5 … → continue…

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Canon EOS 6D Mark II Poll Results

By Canon Rumors We have completed our unscientific poll about the upcoming Canon EOS 6D Mark II and these are the results from your input. What is your favourite upgrade over the original EOS 6D? 45 AF Points 42.9% / 6,525 Vari-Angle touchscreen LCD 26.6% / 4,045 Resolution increase to 26.2mp 7.1% / 1,086 Dual Pixel AF 20.0% / 3,044 6.5fps 3.3% / … → continue…

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Refurbished Canon EOS 5D Mark IV $2799 (Reg $3299)

By Canon Rumors The Canon Store has the refurbished EOS 5D Mark IV in stock for the first time for $2799, which is a $500 savings. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV $2799 (Reg $3299) → continue…

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Poll: What Do You Think About the EOS Canon 6D Mark II?

By Canon Rumors Now that we’ve seen Canon’s latest entry level full frame DSLR, it’s time to let us know what you think. We always hear all sorts of opinions after a product is announced, and the EOS 6D Mark II is no exception. We agree with some gripes, but not with others. Cast your vote on the … → continue…

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