Patent: Possible soft focus EF to RF adapter

By Canon Rumors Northlight Images has uncovered a patent for an additional EF to RF adapter, this one would add “soft focus” capability → continue…

From:: Canon Rumors

Patent: Canon RF 28-70mm f/2.2-f/2.8

By Canon Rumors We’re likely going to see a flurry of RF mount lens patents over the next few years. EF lens development → continue…

From:: Canon Rumors

Canon patent shows off EOS M speedbooster-style adapter for EF lenses

This diagram from the patent shows the optical construction of the Converter Adapter (labelled CL) → continue…

From:: DPreview

Patent: Canon speedbooster for EOS M

By Canon Rumors It looks like Canon is developing its own speedbooster for EF lenses on the EF-M mount. Canon News uncovered a → continue…

From:: Canon Rumors

Rokinon announces ‘Special Performance’ 35mm F1.2 lens for EF mount, due out in January

Product photo provided by Samyang

Third-party lens manufacturer Samyang has discreetly → continue…

From:: DPreview

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