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The 20 Best Movies With All-Star Casts

By David Zou

From the earliest days of cinema audiences have gathered to gaze at the flickering play of lights in movie houses, primarily to see their favorite glamorous stars. The dream factories in Hollywood were quick to catch on that the biggest names in Hollywood would reel in the biggest crowds and generate the biggest box office tallies. Soon gimmicky films, custom-made to headline as many movie stars as possible on the marquee, luring in would the biggest queues, and generating the most excitement.

This trend continues today, where a certain kind of motion picture is made that’s top heavy with as many big names as possible, to appeal to the biggest and widest demographics.

And while it was tempting to make the following list overfull with blockbuster spectacles (the recent spate of Marvel movies, and actioners like The Expendables franchise all have large name casts), mainstream comedy hokum (the Cannonball Run series, as well as the Austin Powers movies all have many remarkable cameos, as does Movie 43, which is so bad we’re embarrassed we even mentioned it), and/or big budget animated films (DreamWorks and Pixar projects each boast expansive voice casts of first-rate A-listers, for instance), but instead we went for a considerable cross-section of movies.

Each film listed here is of a fine quality, and while some are flawed (The Greatest Story Ever Told is cheesy to a fault), others are straight-up masterpieces (The Godfather being a prime example), and all celebrate to a certain degree, the cult of celebrity. Many, of course, are multi-protagonist tales or feature surprise cameos of the most recognizable men and women on the planet, and they’re all worthy of your attention, and praise. Enjoy!

20. The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)

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