DJI Ronin-S with Master Wheels and Force Pro all working together

By Erik Naso

At Cine Gear Expo 2018 DJI showed use the ecosystem they have for the new Ronin-S but first, let’s talk → continue…

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DJI announces price and delivery date for Ronin-S gimbal

Chinese drone manufacturer DJI has announced that the Ronin-S, its → continue…

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DJI’s first single-handed stabilizer for hybrid cameras. The Ronin-S is officially released

By Erik Naso

DJI no doubt makes the most popular drones with 3-axis stabilizers on the market today and they aren’t stopping there. → continue…

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DJI rivela prezzi e disponibilità del Ronin-S, primo stabilizzatore professionale One Hand !

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La DJI ha finalmente annunciato prezzo e disponibilità del loro primo stabilizzatore professionale one hand Ronin-S, offrirà una qualità professionale → continue…

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