Werner Herzog Masterclass Review: The Perfect Course For DIY Filmmakers

By Noam Kroll

Last year I took Aaron Sorkin’s Masterclass, which I absolutely loved and still reference to this day while writing my screenplays. As far as Masterclasses go, it set the bar very high, and I’ll admit that when I took subsequent classes – namely David Mamet’s and Werner Herzog’s – I wasn’t sure if they would quite reach that same level. After taking all three though, I can confidently say that they’re all incredible in their own right, and each for very different reasons.

What makes Werner Herzog’s class so strong (amongst other things) is his perspective as a full fledged filmmaker. He isn’t simply a director, or a writer, or a cinematographer. He is truly an all round filmmaker, that has a mastery over his craft in virtually every respect. Not to mention, he is fully self-taught and literally built his career from nothing by creating projects and generating opportunities for himself.

For this reason alone, I know the DIY filmmakers out there working on their own micro-budget or self funded projects will be able to relate to what he has to say… As will filmmakers working on a larger scale projects that understand the importance of a do it yourself attitude. So with that in mind, I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you on Herzog’s Masterclass, from the perspective of a fellow DIY filmmaker.

Before we jump in, I’ll also quickly note that while Masterclass is a partner of, I never review any product or service that I don’t fully believe in, and would never recommend any product or service that I can’t get behind 100%. All thoughts below are completely my own.


If you’ve taken more than a couple Masterclasses, you know that no two are alike. While all of the classes offer video modules, assignments → continue…

From:: Noam Kroll