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10 Great Movies To Watch If You Liked “Twin Peaks”

By Vlad Albescu

Apart from other David Lynch creations such as “Mulholland Drive,” “Eraserhead, “Blue Velvet” or “Lost Highway,” there are not many films that encapsulate the essence of “Twin Peaks.” And even between Lynch’s works, “Twin Peaks” stands out. It is hard to frame this TV show into a single genre. It can be labeled as a mystery series, but at the same time a drama, a comedy, a horror, a fantasy, or in the first two seasons, even a soap opera.

When “Twin Peaks” first aired in the 90s, it was something like no one had ever seen before. But who would have thought that nearly 30 years later, when Lynch would finally come up with a follow-up to his story, “Twin Peaks” was yet again going be the “weird kid” of television?

One could only hope for a fourth season, but given how long it took for “Twin Peaks: The Return” to finally see the light, chances are that we’ve already witnessed the ending of Lynch’s cult show.

Below are 10 great movies that manage to share some of that “Twin Peaks” essence. We supposed you already know about David Lynch’s films, so the list doesn’t include any of them.

Let us know in the comments if you know any other films which would fit on this list.

10. Cemetery of Splendour (2015)


Both a philosophical and social film, “Cemetery of Splendour” follows Jenjira and Keng, two volunteers who watch over a group of soldiers who suffer from a sleeping sickness which keeps them in a continuous state of dream. Keng is a young woman who possesses certain special abilities (she’s a medium) and is able to see into the soldiers’ dreams by touching them. Jenjira, who is much older than Keng, has more life experience but lacks the spirituality of → continue…

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DOC NYC 2017: Peter Braatz on Blue Velvet Revisited

By Travis Crawford

The past year has proven to be a uniquely rewarding time for David Lynch obsessives, with the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks being the obvious highlight, but also marked by recent Criterion Collection Blu-ray/DVD special editions of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and the new documentary, David Lynch: the Art Life, focused on Lynch’s painting roots. However, one of the most fascinating Lynch-related features in recent memory has yet to receive the widespread U.S. exposure it richly deserves, and it reflects back to a more traditionally structured Lynch favorite (indeed, still the film that some cite as his key work) that those […] → continue…

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Watch: How David Lynch’s Unmade One Saliva Bubble Shaped Twin Peaks

By Filmmaker Staff

From the LowRes Wünderbred account comes this video essay, the first in a series that will explore how the unmade comedy One Saliva Bubble — co-written by David Lynch and Mark Frost as a Steve Martin-Martin Short vehicle (!) — shaped Twin Peaks. (The screenplay, at least a version of it, can be found here.) → continue…

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