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The 10 Best Thriller Movies of 2017

By Luc Hinrichsen

While looking back on the thriller genre in 2017, one might discover some interesting tendencies to look out for in years to come. First of all, there’s an increase of first class, character-driven thrillers without the use of unrealistic and over-choreographed action.

Simultaneously, the surreal and metaphorical finds their way into the genre. It’s interesting to see influences of David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock, just to name a few, mixed with partly uprising directorial aesthetics.

10. Super Dark Times (Kevin Phillips)

The directorial debut of Kevin Phillips is a well-balanced mix of coming-of-age drama and psychological thriller. The films nostalgic mood perfectly fits the initial 90’s harmony of suburban America, which is quickly interrupted by an invisible force that every child has to face sooner or later – the loss of innocence.

This theme finds its expression in different forms. Weed, alcohol and the pleasure of the other sex, all accompanied by the subliminal omnipresence of a friendship internal rivalry. Being the movie’s main protagonists, it focuses on the friendship between Zack and Josh and the consequences of a terrible accident, and the overlapping feelings for the same girl. Both facts strongly put their bond to the test.

The mainly youthful cast is the film’s heart. They manage to give their characters the needed amount of depth so that none of the figures seem like a childish psychopath or a clichéd sketch, but a troubled teenager who has to deal with the reality and changing perspectives.

These themes are well-compressed in a true suspense corset, in the manner of masters like Hitchcock. “Super Dark Time” has some nice sequences to offer, in which the audience is left in a constant position of fearful excitement. In particular, the film’s → continue…

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