Darth Vader

10 Great Movies Where We Root For The Bad Guy

By Cara McWilliam-Richardson

It’s simple – we always root for the good guys and dislike the bad guys. But hang on, do we? Actually it’s not that simple and more than ever, audiences are finding themselves rooting for and supporting the bad guys, the villains, and the antagonists. But what is it that so attracts us to the dark side? (Darth Vader would be so proud).

Could it be that we are able to look past the villainous nature of the bad guys and instead focus on their better points? I mean think about it, villains have a lot going for them.

Firstly villains really devote themselves to a cause. They are passionate like no one’s business and being passionate is an admirable quality. They are often a harsh look into the truth of human nature and they don’t shy away from the fact that humans are inherently flawed, causing us to confront the uncomfortable truth about ourselves.

Or could it simply be that the bad guys are more interesting? Whatever the reason is there are a plethora of bad guys that we ultimately end up rooting for. This list looks at ten of those guys.

Please note that there are spoilers throughout.

1. Four Lions (2010)


This British satirical dark comedy film was written and directed by Chris Morris in his directorial debut. It follows a group of young radicalised Muslim men who aspire to be suicide bombers.

After a brief but unsuccessful run at a Pakistani training camp and an inept plan to train birds to carry bombs, the group decide to conceive a plan that will culminate in them bombing the London Marathon. The film was a moderate box office success, performing best in the U.K and was praised critically.

It is a safe bet to say that no one → continue…

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