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10 Best Documentaries About Movies Every Cinephile Should See

By David Zou

Movie production breeds conflict. Films take years to make, involve thousands of people, ridiculous sums of money, and the biggest egos in the world. This combines for a chaotic environment where any misstep in the process means the loss of money, careers, reputations, and renown—the latter of which is most coveted. So much rides on a motion picture’s success that it’s no mystery why the industry attracts and sustains eccentrics. It takes a special type of person to risk his life for make believe, and that person might not think rationally.

Documentaries are at their most interesting when the above qualities coalesce. Film as a subject is as entertaining as film as a medium. Unlike film as a medium, these stories need no punching up; they contain enough crazy characters, multi-layered interpretation, and plot twists to make Hollywood writers obsolete. If desperate for ideas, look no further than a movie about a movie. Charlie Kaufman knew this and exploited it.

Though we’ve included a few token documentaries about the history and techniques of movie making, you may notice a common theme throughout this list: Art’s resistance to compromise.

10. This Film is Not Yet Rated

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is the organization which assigns ratings to movies. From NC-17 to G, these alpha and numeric distinctions can make or break movies, affecting viewership, distribution, and, consequently, box office results. This Film is Not Yet Rated explores the organization, its members, and the censorship and distortion of films at the board’s discretion. These include double standards on issues like nudity, violence, and dark humor, all of which are subjective and, as directors like Darren Aronofsky, Kevin Smith, John Waters explain, incredibly frustrating.

The MPAA comprises a small group of reviewers → continue…

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