Spekular – New Modular LED Lighting Kit with 94+ CRI

By Graham Sheldon

Spekular is a new 94+ CRI LED lighting system featuring a unique modular design that allows for dozens of different mounting configurations. Having the ability to build a ring light or a 3-light interview setup and everything in between for just $650 certainly sounds useful. Let’s dive in:

Spekular 4-light Kit. Image Credit: Spiffy Gear

The Spekular kit, priced at $650, comes with four daylight LED sections that can be mounted in all sorts of ways. Each section is built with aluminum and ABS plastic for a total per-section weight of 335 grams. Spiffy Gear, the makers of Spekular, promise a 1500+ luminous flux out of each section at a CRI of 94+ and a 96+ TLCI with no flicker. All sections are dimmable (10% to 100%), but right now Spekular is only available in a daylight version with gel holders for other desired color temperatures. The output of each individual section is comparable to a 150W halogen light according to the manufacturer, so place them all together and you’re looking at about 600W in the halogen world.


Lots and lots of different configurations… Image Credit: Spiffy Gear

All sections are powered by an included wall adapter and power each other once linked together, but you can also power the set from D-Tap by purchasing an optional $130 battery adapter. It’s unfortunate that this kit doesn’t come with the battery adapter included, as the portability of these lights is a definite plus.

One of the more interesting available accessories is the Star Adapter, which creates a unique starlike effect in the eyes for fashion portraits and interviews. Not appropriate → continue…

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Enter Here To Win This $2000 LED Lighting Kit!

By Noam Kroll

Need a new LED lighting package? If so, read on as I’m giving away 4 individual kits to blog followers starting this month!

The kits themselves are the Genaray SpectroLED Studio packages, each valued at about $2000. Below is their description from B & H who has generously sponsored this giveaway:

The Genaray SpectroLED Studio 1000 Bi-Color LED Three Light Kit from B&H features three 1000 bi-color LED panels and three light stands, everything you need for a 3-point lighting setup. Each panel has an LCD touchscreen that gives you easy control of light intensity from 100 to 0%. They also include wireless remote controls with a range of 65′ for lights mounted overhead or at a distance. The SP-S-1000B lights offer a 60° flood beam angle and a high CRI of >93 for precise color rendering.

The kit includes with each panel a ratchet-handled mounting knuckle, a multi-voltage AC adapter, 2 cable straps and a diffusion filter to soften the light’s output. This all fits in the kit’s soft-sided carry case with shoulder strap. Also included are three heavy duty 3-section light stands. These stands also have air-cushioning to help prevent accidental damage to the lights.

Genaray SpectroLED 3 Light Kit – $1275 at B & H

I will be giving away one kit each month from now until the end of the year, so you have multiple chances to win one of the 4 kits that will be given away.


Entering yourself to win is very simple.

All you need to do is sign up for my weekly newsletter and follow me on at least one social media account (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).

For each social account that you follow, you are entered into the contest an additional time.

So if you → continue…

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Spekular is a modular LED lighting system you can reshape to suit your needs

Spiffy Gear, the company behind the Light Blaster strobe projector, is back with another accessory for photographers and videographers who want a lighting solution that can conform to every shooting situation. It’s called Spekular, and Spiffy is calling it “the Swiss army knife of LED lighting.”

Spekular consists of four ultra-bright, color-accurate LED strips that can be arranged in whatever configuration suits your shooting needs. Each of the four LED lights boasts a dimmable, flicker-free 14.5 watts of power (~150W halogen) with color accuracy guaranteed (94+ CRI and 96+ TLCI).

Here’s a quick intro video so you can see the lights in action:

And here are a few sample shots, all captured with the Spekular arranged in one of its various configurations (Note: the star shape requires an additional four-light ‘expansion kit’ and star adapter):

Spiffy is branding the Spekular as ‘the only light you need,’ and while we’re always a bit skeptical of grand claims, the modular design and attention to technical detail certainly make it a unique lighting option.

You can find out more about Spekular on the Spiffy Gear website, where you can order the standard 4-light kit for $650, the 4-light extension for $130, a battery adapter (in case the power goes) also for $130, and that Star Adapter for, you guessed it, $130.

Press Release

Spekular from Spiffy Gear is the Swiss army knife of LED lighting for photo and video.

SUMMARY: Spekular is a modular LED lighting system for videographers and photographers. It is a collection of light bars with high brightness and unparalelled color accuracy. The system drastically reduces the number of accessories needed to create professional lighting setups.

31 August 2017 – Today, Spiffy Gear launches the $650 Spekular, a flexible, modular LED lighting system for videographers and photographers. Spekular adapts → continue…

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