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Adobe announces record-breaking $1.84 billion in revenue for Q3

Adobe has once again posted record quarterly revenue, this time for the fiscal quarter that ended on September 1, 2017. The software company experienced a 26% year-on-year revenue growth with $1.84 billion in its third fiscal quarter this year. Of that, $1.27 billion came from the company’s Digital Media segment, including Creative Cloud. On a GAAP basis, Adobe saw its year-on-year net income grow 55% and its operating income grow 48%.

We’ll give you a moment to take that in… 55% net income growth, and a fiscal quarter of $1.84 billion. The jump to a subscription model is treating the company VERY well.

This marks yet another high point for Adobe, which previously posted record revenue during its second fiscal quarter ending in June 2017. During its Q2, Adobe made then record-setting $1.77 billion with its Digital Media segment having driven that revenue.

Looking forward, Adobe anticipates fourth fiscal quarterly revenue of $1.95 billion, which would once again keep it in line with analysts’ expectations and set yet another record. Financial highlights from Adobe for Q3 are listed below:

  • Adobe achieved record quarterly revenue of $1.84 billion in its third quarter of fiscal year 2017, which represents 26 percent year-over-year revenue growth.
  • Diluted earnings per share was $0.84 on a GAAP-basis, and $1.10 on a non-GAAP basis.
  • Digital Media segment revenue was $1.27 billion, with Creative revenue growing to $1.06 billion.
  • Digital Media Annualized Recurring Revenue (“ARR”) grew to $4.87 billion exiting the quarter, a quarter-over-quarter increase of $308 million.
  • Adobe Experience Cloud achieved revenue of $508 million, which represents 26 percent year-over-year growth.
  • Operating income grew 48 percent and net income grew 55 percent year-over-year on a GAAP-basis; operating income grew 43 percent and net income grew 46 percent year-over-year on a non-GAAP basis.
  • Cash flow from operations was $704 million, and deferred revenue → continue…

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Adobe Creative Cloud Takes Aim at Media Composer

By Charles Haine

The goal of this refresh from Adobe is to speed up your workflow so you have more time to be creative.

Adobe has unveiled a refresh across the Creative Cloud line in time for IBC 2017, with two big areas of improvement being new features in both Premiere Pro and After Effects. The overall theme of all the updates is speeding up your workflow, enabling filmmakers to move through the post process more quickly, with more time spent making creative decisions and less time and effort wasted on busywork.

The updates for Premiere Pro take aim squarely at Avid Media Composer’s biggest remaining strength, its shared project workflow. As more and more editors and post houses move from Avid onto Premiere, and potentially Resolve 14, the main argument that many still make for Media Composer is the ease with which it enables multiple editors to work on the same project and media at the same time. Resolve 14 has moved aggressively on this territory with its latest release, and Adobe has quickly moved into the space as well with the new set of updates.

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