Hands on with the Sharp 8K Super 35mm CMOS camera – Interbee 2017

By Matthew Allard ACS

Sharp were showing their new 8K Super 35mm CMOS camera at Interbee 2017 in Japan. The camera doesn’t have a catchy name and is called the 8C-B60A. Sharp told me…

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Sharp 8C-B60A – We didn’t see that coming!

By cameraman

Have Sharp ever made a professional level camcorder before? I remember a few CCTV type cameras and a mix of dodgy VHS-C models in the late 1900’s… but then suddenly last week, they take us all by surprise by announcing a huge 8K camera with a very impressive spec. What isn’t impressive is the name… the 8C-B60A – I thought most manufactures were realising that Directors need to ask for something sexy like a ‘Red Weapon’, ‘Alexa’ or even the ‘Venice’ before persuading you to drive miles just to pick it up?

Anyway, what is clear is that Sharp are obviously trying to leapfrog over the opposition by offering a usable 8K solution before we’ve barely got used to 4K. It uses a Super35 sized CMOS sensor giving 7680 x 4320 at 60P and 4:2:2 10-bit. Luckily, they are also including the ability to record all of this data onto 2TB SSD cards, which might help to keep things a little more affordable. We can’t wait to see how our little laptops handle 4 channels of live 8K, but the Grass Valley HQX Codec is said to be easy on the CPU’s?

With PL mount, BT.2020 colour gamut and live uncompressed 8K outputs though quad-Link 12G-SDI I’m not sure if this is aimed at the film world or Live broadcasts? Either way, it looks like it can do both at once!

The cost in Yen worked out to about £60,000 for the body only, so you’ll still need to buy a (very good) viewfinder, microphone and probably a new Mac Pro just to join the 8K party.

We can’t wait to see the pictures from this one though….


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Sharp announces a Super 35 8K CMOS sensor 60p camcorder: 8C-B60A

By Erik Naso

A relative newcomer to the professional video world Sharp today announces an 8K 33 million pixels Super 35 CMOS sensor 60p camcorder. Sharp claims it’s a world’s first, integrating capabilities…

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A super light sensitive iPhone Camera? – Apple Acquires Invisage & QuantumFilm Sensor Tech

By Richard Lackey

According to a report by Image Sensors World, some sources indicate Apple has acquired the image sensor startup behind QuantumFilm. QuantumFilm is an image sensor technology that could have a significant impact on the performance of the next generation of smartphone cameras.

I say “could” because, we just don’t know what plans Apple may or may not have with this technology. This source reports that “a part of Invisage staff” now work for Apple, and previous investment partners indicate they are no longer invested in Invisage. It seems a likely conclusion that Apple has acquired the IP held by Invisage including the “QuantumFilm” sensor technology which was demonstrated in 2015 in a few YouTube videos.

What is QuantumFilm?

Based on a traditional CMOS bayer imager but with an additional layer of “quantum dot” secret sauce, sensitivity to light and dynamic range is vastly improved, with some additional benefits such as implementation of a global shutter. A jump in efficiency from 50% to 90% in a small footprint, high density imager promises a high resolution, high dynamic range sensor without many of the compromises faced with current generation smartphone camera sensors.

The QuantumFilm sensor has a non-linear electrical response to light, similar to the response of film, which is very different to the linear response we expect from our imagers today. This naturally compresses highlights at the sensor itself rather than using a non-linear encoding of output values.

To be fair, the results still up on YouTube from tests in 2015 are far from perfect, however it’s important to remember that this was the era of the iPhone 6. Our underlying sensor technology and processing power have come a long way since then. “PRIX” does show a lovely organic image that doesn’t → continue…

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