Clint Eastwood

The 10 Manliest Movies of All Time

By Chris van Dijk

For this list, the usual suspects had to be rounded up: The Duke, Lee Marvin, Sly Stallone, The Governator, Bruce Willis, Walter Hill, Clint Eastwood, and all the rest of these awesome bastards. Being an action buff myself, so many films came to mind when assembling this list. You can’t really do the subject justice with just 10 films, but I did my best.

I decided to make the list diverse. There’s a western in here, a war movie, a buddy-cop action movie, a one-man army movie, even a badass historical epic. It needed to be filled with a few films that even pretentious film buffs could enjoy. They wouldn’t feel guilty watching an excessively violent film because the dialog would be great and/or the cinematography would be stunning.

The list needed a few films with awesome one-liners, but it also needed some grit. It couldn’t be all schlocky, there had to be some poignancy too. Most of all, the list needed to be filled with films about male friendship, the close bond that men can have amidst the fire and brimstone.

The comment section will surely be filled with great choices. I didn’t want to make too many obvious choices, though I’m sure that most manly men out there have seen all of them. If you haven’t, go check them out with a few mates and I hope you’ll have much as fun as I did.

10. Rambo: First Blood 2

“Rambo: First Blood 2” is a hilarious sequel to the understated “First Blood.” While “First Blood” was a solemn and touching indictment on the treatment of veterans, “Rambo 2” is pure 80’s action schlock- and there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s indicative of Stallone’s period in his career, something even more evident in his Rocky → continue…

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