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10 Directors Who Could Handle The Next James Bond Movie

By Tom Lorenzo

James Bond is one of the biggest franchises in the world. It has to be, considering it’s reached 24 movies and people still get excited about the next entry. It’s almost a primal thing at this point. It hits something in people that gets them going. The exotic locale, the pretty ladies, the bombastic action. There’s a simple formula that is very loose, which can make each movie feel different while also still feeling very distinctly Bond.

This is also a series that, until the one-two punch of Marc Foster and Sam Mendes, didn’t really go for big name or award-nominated filmmakers. For some reason, everyone keeps throwing up A-list filmmakers to tackle the next Bond as if it was some grand tradition and not a weird little trend in the Daniel Craig era.

With the curiosity regarding who will helm the next entry kind of getting to a boiling point, with a proposed start date of shooting rapidly approaching and the rumors regarding Danny Boyle being the man primed to take the job, it seems like it would be as good a time as any to make a list that pitches some filmmakers to handle the job.

I’ll break their little rule that the director has to be from England because that’s boring, and also indicates that I truly think any of my opinions matter in a real-life way. Also, Christopher Nolan is not on here. Just getting that out of the way early. Despite being British and a man with a clear love of Bond due to his outright lifting of Bond iconography/set pieces for some of his work, he is truly not fitting for the job. He is too stuffy and lacking in any real sense of fun. I know the comments will be rife with nitpicking and → continue…

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