The 10 Biggest Box Office Flops of 2017

By Justin Gunterman

Not every movie can rake in money like Wonder Woman or Beauty and the Beast. Every year, studios take big risks by putting too much hope in a project that ultimately fails. Sometimes, the box office failure can be seen from a mile away, as was the case for last year’s Gods of Egypt. Other times, an otherwise promising movie ends up failing to connect with its audience.

Examples include The BFG, Rise of the Guardians, and Hugo. There are countless reasons why movies underperform at the box office. Bad marketing, word-of-mouth, and overambitious budgets play a huge part. As of recently, Rotten Tomatoes has been blamed for box office numbers. Regardless of the reason, it’s the sad truth that every year brings in a few blockbuster flops.

2017 is no different. So far, there have been quite a few movies that had trouble earning their budget back. As mentioned early, some of these were easy to predict toward the beginning of the year, but several of the more promising films underperformed due to solely to disappointing reviews.

Listed below are ten of the biggest flops of the year. This is solely based off of estimated numbers. One movie listed has had actual confirmation regarding its studio loss. Otherwise, most of the estimated budgets and all of the box office totals were provided by Box Office Mojo. We just did a little bit of math to estimate how much the movies below have lost.

10. A Cure for Wellness

Estimated Budget: $40 million
Worldwide Box Office: $26,559,557

Gore Verbinski is the 10th-highest-grossing director based on worldwide box office, but he can thank the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for that. His non-Pirates endeavors have unfortunately not done as well financially. The Weather Man failed to earn back its budget, Rango → continue…

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