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The 15 Best LGBT Movies of the 21st Century

By David Zou

Since the turn of the century, LGBT filmmaking has slowly grown in cultural impact, eventually culminating in Moonlight’s Oscar win for Best Picture last year. Each year we can now expect LGBT filmmaking not only to be represented, but to actually contain some of the most cutting-edge movies around.

Although you could say that queer representation has been around since Mädchen In Uniform (1931), the relative paucity of gay films in comparison to the monolith of straight filmmaking means that there is still so much left to be explored. As the standard romantic-comedy seems to be running its course, you could easily say queer filmmaking has consistently provided the best romantic stories over the past few years.

Our list of the best LGBT movies of the 21st century below has strived to be inclusive, and therefore there is at least one film that technically satisfies each letter of the LGBT spectrum. In addition, there are not only romance pictures, but movies across the suspense and mystery genres, as well as period dramas and the western. We have also picked movies from a variety of countries to show how the rise in queer cinema can be seen as a universal phenomenon. Please sound off in the comments if you think we have missed anything!

15. The Handmaiden (Park Chan-wook, 2016)

Kim Tae-Ri - The Handmaiden

Knottingly-plotted in that uniquely South Korean-way, Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden is a deliciously thrilling film from beginning to end. Based on the novel Fingersmith by Sarah Walters, Chan-wook moves the British Victorian setting to Korea under Japanese rule. From there he creates a psychodrama which knits together the complicated relationship between colonial rule and sexual subjugation. It features a woman who becomes a Japanese heiress’ mistress in order to convince her to marry a conman. → continue…

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