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ShareGrid publishes the ‘Ultimate Anamorphic Lens Test’

ShareGrid, a peer-to-peer gear rental service, has published the results of its Ultimate Anamorphic Lens Test, which evaluated 42 ‘vintage’ anamorphic lenses representing lens families from 13 companies. Using ShareGrid’s ‘quad player’ interface, it’s possible to compare video test results from up to four lenses simultaneously, and the results can be very interesting.

Brent Barbano, a cinematographer and ShareGrid co-founder, emphasizes that these aren’t just casual tests, but result from a full-blown three-day production shoot that took months of planning and involved producers, directors, DPs, and production managers, including many technical experts and cinematographers from the filmmaking industry.

The test is a follow-up to the company’s 2016 Ultimate Vintage Lens Test, which evaluated 40 classic circular lenses. By using an identical setup for both tests, right down to the same model in front of the camera, it’s even possible to compare results from anamorphic lenses with circular lenses. Want to compare a 50mm ARRI / Zeiss Master Anamorphic with a 50mm ARRI / Zeiss Master Prime Spherical? No problem!

Think anamorphic lenses are just for motion picture work? Not so fast. As the test’s Director Mark LaFleur points out, “Any photographer who wants to make a big splash within the photography world should start shooting anamorphic, because your work will immediately stand out from the pack.”

The producers used an identical setup, including the same model, for both anamorphic and circular lens tests, making it possible to compare results between both types of lenses.

Courtesy of ShareGrid

According to Barbano, one of most important factors contributing to the success of the project was enthusiastic support from the filmmaking community, including dozens of volunteers. “The overwhelming amount of people who wanted to be involved in some → continue…

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