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10 Bad Movies That Wasted A Brilliant Concept

By Redmond Bacon

It can be one of the most frustrating parts of moviegoing. You hear about the concept before it goes into production, you wait eagerly for the spell-binding trailer, you endlessly check the release date before finally going to see it, only for the film to fall massively behind on your expectations. What went wrong, you think — the idea was so great! But there are many reasons why films can fail to live up to their promise. From bad casting to lazy screenplays to poor direction, many an awesome idea has been wasted once it has passed through the Hollywood production line.

Our top ten list of bad movies that wasted a brilliant concept span the whole genre gamut. From horror flicks that ruined a simple set-up to big-budget superhero tentpoles to tepidly executed romantic comedies, we have tried to show that this issue is not merely a problem for the science-fiction genre, but can happen to any film with bad production values. The reason we have picked these films is that we believe that they could’ve been great, had only the filmmakers behind them taken a vastly different approach to the material. Read on to see what we have picked!

1. Limitless (Neil Burger, 2011)


Imagine a pill that could allow you to access 100% of your brain’s capabilities. Think of all the endless possibilities that would bring, the things you could achieve that were previously out of reach.

The potential here, for want of a better word, is limitless. Ironically enough, for a film about using your brain’s full potential, Limitless doesn’t use even 10% of its own potential. It starts off relatively well with the likeable Bradley Cooper as a down-and-out writer who takes the pill in → continue…

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