Blueshape Bubblepak

GoPro Fusion Series-Fusion and the Blueshape Bubblepak

By Al Caudullo

Batteries, we love them and we hate them. They deliver portable power but cause devices to overheat and fail. They last long amounts of time and the give put when you need them most!

But love them or hate them we all use them. The new GoPro Fusion uses a different battery than it’s Hero cousins. Bigger and last longer but still the same issues apply. There are times when you are going to be shooting a long event and you don’t want to miss that all important shot because you had to change the battery.

Worry not, GoPro has put thought into the creation of this camera. With the Fusion, you can connect external power to the camera. You don’t even need to keep the GoPro battery in the Fusion.

All that you need to do is to connect a USB-C cable to the Fusion and the other end into an external power source.

There are many choices for external power. You can use consumer external power supplies that you would use for your smartphone. How long they last depend upon what the power rating of the external battery.

But that said, my external battery of choice is the Blueshape Bubblepak battery. It is a professional solution to your battery needs. With it and the D-Tap to USB cable, you can power not only your Fusion but several other devices as well. I like the Blueshape belt clip for the Bubblepak so that I can carry around easily.

Whatever your choice, this is another example of how the GoPro Fusion has been designed so well.

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