Blade Runner

The 10 Best Mind-Bending Sci-fi Movies Ever

By Andreas Babiolakis

Science Fiction cinema is usually an invitation to enter a new world or dimension. Metropolis was a statement on how modern day society needed to function in a dismal future setting. Blade Runner was a reinvention of the noir genre that incorporated a prediction of what may become of us. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial was a proposition, that perhaps we needn’t be afraid of what may be out there. Lastly, of course, any Star Wars film is an excuse to use the terrains and space of an entire galaxy as a thrill ride.

The beauty of the science fiction genre is that it can be used to distance an audience whilst pulling them in. Not all questions are answered right in front of you. Some films of this nature require mental work to appreciate, but they leave a lasting impression on you as a result.

A very common example would be the two works by Christopher Nolan: Inception and Interstellar. On the surface, Inception is a heist film and Interstellar is a journey. Toss in the layers of dream states or the shifts in time through the laws of the fifth dimension, and you have a more difficult story on your hands.

This list is not finding the hardest science fiction films to digest, but some challenging films lie ahead. This list, rather, is a celebration of these kinds of films because of their ability to truly pull us in to these new worlds. Nothing is spoon fed to us. We search for many of our own answers. Most of the time, we have different results than our peers, and that is half of the joy.

Here’s a toast to the sci-fi cinema that opens our perceptions whilst scrambling the inner contents of our brains. Here are the ten best mind bending → continue…

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