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8 Reasons Why “Boogie Nights” is a Modern Masterpiece

By Allan Khumalo

This year on October 10, “Boogie Nights” will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. Released in 1997, the film signaled the arrival of a major talent and future legend. Paul Thomas Anderson had made one film prior, the criminally unseen and underrated “Sydney/Hard Eight” but with “Boogie Nights” film society had no choice but to take notice.

Following a story set in the Golden Age of Porn in the 70s before video came and ruined it for everybody in the 80s, “Boogie Nights” plays more like a montage of stories and characters wrapped up in the excesses of their worst impulses. At heart, it’s really a story of a surrogate family who find home among other “damaged” people.

Every shot, every line of dialogue, every cut is the work of someone with film in their veins. Constantly quotable, constantly re-watchable and constantly entertaining, the film never gets old. It’s jam-packed with everything that makes film great throughout its 155-minute runtime. Besides its length, the time flies by. In celebration we look at everything that makes “Boogie Nights” a seminal classic, because after all, it’s not one but a million things that make a film work.

1. The Ensemble Cast

boogie nights

While the story may focus more on Mark Wahlberg’s Dirk Diggler, the film is no doubt an ensemble with the dream cast to end all dream casts. Every character has their own storyline and their own reason for working in the industry.

As a surrogate family, they each fill a particular role. Burt Reynolds is the cool father that everyone calls by first name. A maestro who provides a safe haven for lost souls at the price of baring it all. Although Reynolds reportedly hated the film and his character, he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and → continue…

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