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All 8 Best Picture Oscar Nominees From 2014 Ranked From Worst To Best

By Andreas Babiolakis

This Best Picture nominees list is likely to be one of the harder groups to sift through (the only other one off the top of my head that may be this tricky in the near future is the 2011 year that features the films of 2010). In all honesty, the films between 5 and 1 are borderline interchangeable, to the point that this can easily change in time (maybe even next year, I will feel differently).

The films in 6 and 7 are also debatable, and I will try my best to explain my reasoning for each and every film. In all honesty, the only film I could easily place in any spot is the film that came in dead last (simply because it’s garbage).

I can already see the slew of comments questioning this particular list, and I am warning you from now that I can easily see why most of these films can be questioned and/or championed. I will do my utmost best to give each film their due. Nonetheless, this is mostly about celebration, so let’s get down to it. Here are the Best Picture nominees of the 2015 Oscars ranked in order from worst to best.

8. American Sniper

American Sniper

This is without question the weakest film of the Best Picture nominees. When this film was selected above other films that should have been here (“Nightcrawler,” “Gone Girl,” even the Best Director nominee “Foxcatcher” failed to appear here, then you have the foreign films “Two Days, One Night” and “Leviathan”), I had to see why this last minute film sniveled its way in. I love many Clint Eastwood works, and “American Sniper” was a 2015 film that made it on the list with 2014 films; surely it was one of his better works → continue…

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10 Great Movies From 2016 That Should Have Been Nominated For Best Picture

By Mike Gray

So many films made every year and so little time to see every one of them. That is, unless your entire profession depends upon watching as many films as possible during a year, and doubly so if you are a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. After all, it is members of this organization that decides what films are to be considered for Best Picture at the annual Academy Awards.

Every year, it seems more and more films are made, and with this the potential field considered for Best Picture nominations is widened. Although the Academy had expanded the number of films that can be nominated for Best Picture from 5 to 10 in 2009, this categorical expansion seems to ignore that there are dozens of great films released every year that should, by all rights, be considered for a nomination.

The politicking that goes on during awards season for this nomination also means that smaller films—those that don’t have the millions to promote to Academy members during this time—are often left ignored despite their merit. With this in mind, here are 10 great films from 2016 that should have been nominated for Best Picture but weren’t.

1. Nocturnal Animals

A wealthy art gallery owner is sent the manuscript of her long-estranged ex-husband’s new book in the mail, with him asking her to read it. As she reads the novel—a disturbing story about a sudden, violent ambush in the desert on a family at night that leaves a man’s life shattered—the audience watches the plot unfold as she envisions it in her mind.

Intercut with this, the viewer also gets glimpses into both her current life and her past relationship with her ex-husband, including how their marriage came to a cruel, sudden end on her → continue…

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2016 Best Picture Oscar Nominees Ranked From Worst To Best

By Andreas Babiolakis

An experiment that was done here on Taste of Cinema was seeing how our staff would order the Best Picture nominees of the latest Oscars ceremony (check it out if you have not already). This poses an interesting study that can be fulfilled: why don’t we take this approach to every year of the Oscars? It would be intriguing to see how spot-on or way-off the Academy has been.

Another aspect that can be tossed in to make things even more interesting is to work backwards; this allows us to work with the fresh and familiar films, and slowly work our way into older territory, which 1) will introduce works to those who are wanting to open up more with their film collection, and 2) will let us see how well films have aged (even ones from not too long ago).

Starting with the 2016 Oscars (which pertains to films from 2015), we have eight nominees that rank from decent to exemplary. We were lucky with this year, because all eight films are at least watchable (we will get into worse territory as we continue this experiment).

While not every great film that year was featured (some that come to mind include “Anomalisa,” “Carol,” “Ex Machina,” “Inside Out,” and then some), we do have a great range of films in terms of genre and style; everything from comedy and action to thriller and as close to arthouse as we can get with a Best Picture nominee (not very, but we can’t be too picky). Here are the eight Best Picture nominees of 2016 ranked.

8. The Martian

The Martian movie

Out of all of the no brainers that came from the selection of films here, this one was the most obvious: “The Martian” simply is the lowest film on → continue…

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