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‘Unforgiven’ 25 Years Later: 5 Ways Eastwood Masterfully Deconstructed the Western

By Christopher Boone

“The script’s not playing with the tropes as much as lighting them on fire and watching them burn away.”

Twenty-five years ago, in August 1992, Clint Eastwood unveiled his classic western Unforgiven. The film has held up as one of the best of its genre, mainly due to its ability to take the tropes of the western and flip them all on their heads. Instead of giving audiences a hero to cheer, the film holds up a mirror to reflect their horror when the killings they usually root for in a western come to bear. Critics adored the film, which went on to win Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director for Eastwood, Best Editing for Joel Cox, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Gene Hackman’s brilliant turn as sadistic Little Bill Daggett.

Unforgiven takes the tropes of the western and flips them all on their heads.

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