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The 10 Least Terrible Golden Raspberry Award Winners

By David Zou

When it comes to chronicling the worst of Hollywood, the annual Golden Raspberry anti-awards have pretty much knocked it out of the park for the last 38 years. Can’t Stop the Music, Howard the Duck, Showgirls, Striptease, Battlefield Earth, Gigli, Catwoman, The Last Airbender, Jack and Jill, 2015’s Fantastic Four … there’s no denying these are among the most terrible things major movie studios have ever committed, and their immortal enshrinement as Golden Razzies “winners” for worst motion picture are more than deserved.

But looking at the vast panoply of Golden Raspberry “Worst Picture” selections, there are quite a few films that, retroactively, may not deserve their status as the year’s absolute crappiest mainstream movies. Indeed, more than a few “winners” have to be considered the least terrible of that year’s worst picture nominees, with several “winners” now considered not only better than recalled, but a handful now recognized as genuinely OK-to-great motion pictures.

So after almost four decades of “celebrating” the worst Hollywood has to offer, isn’t it about time we reflected on some of the more respectable Razzies winners from years’ past?

10. Inchon (1982)


This Korean War drama is infamous for being hardly anything more than a vanity project for Sun Myung Moon’s Universalist Church (trust me … it’s a long story.) That said, the movie itself really isn’t that bad, and considering its impressive ensemble cast – where else can you see Sir Laurence Olivier and Richard “Shaft” Roundtree chewing the same scenery? – it’s hardly any worse an all-star melodrama than stuff like Pearl Harbor or Tora! Tora! Tora!

The film drags here and there (thanks in no small part to a meandering subplot revolving around Jaqueline Bisset looking pretty and not much else), but overall it’s not a terrible little would-be epic. → continue…

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10 Must-See So Bad They’re Good Movies From The 1980s

By David Zou

Listen: everyone likes a good movie. When a film stirs your emotions and makes you think, it’s a great experience. But nobody likes a bad movie–one that moves like molasses, features terrible dialogue and loathsome characters, and is filmed like the cinematographer went blind before every scene.

But then there are movies that are considered so bad, they’re good: The Room, Battlefield Earth, and Batman & Robin are just some salient examples of this strange non-genre. You know the type of movie–where the dialogue is outrageously over-the-top, the special effects are laughably bad, and the intended tone of the film seems to exist in a parallel universe to what’s being depicted on-screen.

The 1980s were a decade that produced already rather over-the-top films, so the movies that somehow went past bad to somehow become good once again from the 80s have to be really insane to be part of the “so bad, it’s good’ club. And here are 10 films from this totally awesome decade to watch when you’re in the mood for a movie so incompetently made with an absurd premise and insane characters that they’re so bad, it’s good.

1. Bulletproof (1988)

Gary Busey has had a long, strange career as an actor: nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Buddy Holly in The Buddy Holly Story, Busey was known for his intense performances. But after a motorcycle accident in 1988, in which the actor suffered permanent brain damage, his increasingly erratic behavior and often bizarre statements afterward has turned him into a walking punchline.

His last film before the accident, however, suggests that Busey was always a little…unhinged. Supercop and former secret agent Frank McBain (Busey)–nicknamed Bulletproof due to his ability to survive otherwise fatal gunshot wounds–is called in by the government to recover a top-secret → continue…

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