Battlefield Earth

10 Must-See So Bad They’re Good Movies From The 2000s

By Mike Gray

The 2000s saw a vast amount of films produced, perhaps more than ever before. Seemingly recession-proof, the film industry around the world kept making films, for good or ill, hoping to snag a few (even more) hard-earned bucks from consumers. But in this flood were some real clunkers that swept up along the way, somehow produced even though they should have never gotten past the screenwriting stage.

But there’s always something a little endearing about films that are “so bad they’re good.” A lot of work (or very little work) went into them, and they were actually made from stem to stern. Even more surprising is when these are big-budget films that involved hundreds of people across dozens of fields to produce them, making one wonder who exactly is in charge of saying “no” at some point.

Here are the 10 best “so bad they’re good” films from the 2000s. Cult film fans and those who enjoy watching grating awfulness on the screen will find none better than the ten titles detailed below to pop on and have a laugh or two at. After all, is it really so bad if it brings even a little joy to someone’s life?

1. Battlefield Earth (2000)

Terl Battlefield Earth

What a delightful nightmare this film is. It’s completely insane, of course, but let’s luxuriate once more in this symphony of madness: this delicious piece of insanity was made seemingly to exist as ultimate snark-bait.

Recapping the plot seems useless: it’s a big pile of sci-fi claptrap adapted from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s shitty novel set in the year 3000 about an Earth that was brought to its knees by some alien goons known as Psychos that somehow took over the world without understanding that the world they took over had nuclear → continue…

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