Watch: Roger Deakins on Personal Connection through Cinematography

By Filmmaker Staff

To supplement Matt Mulcahey’s interview with Roger Deakins about shooting Blade Runner 2049, check out ARRI’s interview with the legendary DP. He starts with a few general anecdotes, notes that he’s not lit the way he’d light a scene, and tells a story about lighting a scene in Sicario with just a lighter, among other highlights. → continue…

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Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, CBE – “The Filmmaker’s View”

By Matthew Allard ACS

Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, CBE talked to ARRI for their series “The Filmmaker’s View”. Deakins is a long time Arri user and it’s always fascinating to listen to him talk.…

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One week to go for the nominees

By (Tony Costa)

One week to go for the nominees

The jury is now working really hard watching and evaluating the 51 features, 18 documentaries and 18 TV drama episodes representing 36 societies that have submitted films for the IMAGO INTERNATIONAL AWARDS FOR CINEMATOGRAPHY. The nominees will be announced if no “raison de force» on Sunday October 8th . Three films for each of these categories will be part of the nomination.

▪ Best Cinematography for a Feature Film
▪ Best Cinematography for a Television Drama
▪ Best Cinematography for a Documentary Film

The Gala Awards ceremony to be held on Saturday, 28th October 2017 at Hanasaari – The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre in Helsinki, Finland. During the evening the winners will be announced along with 4 additional awards; The IMAGO Young Cinematographer of the Year supported by ARRI, along with the IMAGO Lifetime Achievement Award; IMAGO Extraordinary Contribution to the Art of Cinematography and finally the IMAGO Technical Achievement Award.

The Gala Awards presentation will be a great moment to recognise the Art of Cinematography and cinematographers. These represent in essence Awards from cinematographers to cinematographers, something we are all looking forward to with great enthusiasm. We encourage you to join us in Helsinki for these Awards which represent the very best of the best in the field of Cinematography, from around the globe.

The IMAGO Board and the Awards organising committee would like to thank and congratulate all our member Societies for their support by collecting the films and the respective permissions in order to guarantee the success of these IMAGO Awards for Cinematography.

We also take this opportunity to thank our Awards sponsors for their generosity and their overwhelming support, without them these Awards would not be possible.

The Awards Committee would like to thank the work done by the list of jurors below.

The juries


Esa Vourinen FSC
Sunny Joseph ISC
Alex Linden FSF
Christian Berger AAC
Bogdan Verzhbitsky → continue…

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Phantom Flex VEO 4K-PL Exclusive Hands-On

By Nic Divischek

Phantom VEO

Vision Research has recently introduced a new Phantom VEO 4K-PL, which like its older brother Phantom Flex 4K, can shoot up to 1000fps at full 4K DCI resolution, but in a smaller and more compact body.

What is the Phantom VEO line?

They say that when you touch a Phantom camera you go straight to heaven. At least that’s how I feel. Vision Research is a company that started out with high-speed cameras for military testing and analysing car-crash impacts, only to later turn its eye to the film industry with its revolutionary tech. In 2014, Vision Research introduced the mind-blowing Phantom Flex 4K camera, capable of 1000 frames-per-second at full 4K DCI resolution, in what many would consider the best quality 4K RAW compared to RED and even ARRI. Last year, Vision Research introduced the VEO line, a more compact version of their film industry cameras that continue the trend set by the ARRI Mini and RED – that smaller is better. Less weight and a more compact design mean more possibilities, such as the use of stabilisation platforms and even UAV. In comparison, the Phantom Flex 4K body weighs an incredible 5kg without ANYTHING on it. Add a lens, follow focus, rods, viewfinder, batteries, monitor and you can easily accumulate a weight that not many gimbals can handle.

Phantom VEO4K-PL

VEO4K‐PL is available with either 36 GB or 72 GB of RAM, and includes SDI and HDMI video outputs, as well as a PL mount and OLPF with the black housing. Otherwise, there are two performance levels. The 590S and L models go 500 fps at 4K, with the 4K-PL going all the way up to 1000 fps. Previous VEO models were inferior in terms of image quality compared to their bigger cousins. However, the frame rate and overall image → continue…

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ARRI S360-C SkyPanel LED: Now Bigger and Brighter

By Graham Sheldon


ARRI just celebrated their 100th year anniversary by announcing their most impressive LED soft light to date: the ARRI SkyPanel S360-C. It’s big, has a huge output and it won’t be cheap.

The SkyPanel series comes in several sizes, but the ARRI S360-C is certainly becoming the flagship model. It’s surface area measures over 5.8 times that of the next largest SkyPanel, the S60, and it outputs soft light at a 105-degree angle.

In terms of output, the ARRI S360-C outperforms its SkyPanel cousins by a factor of four, and its 120,000 lumens make it one of the brightest LED lights in the category. Like other ARRI SkyPanels the S360-C ships with a whole host of useful effects such as fire, candle and lighting looks that were first introduced at NAB earlier this year as part of Firmware update 3.0.

Image Credit: ARRI

A bunch of accessories are available for the ARRI S360-C including different types of diffusion panels, a honeycomb and snap grid as well as a road case for travel.

ARRI also announced a separate device at IBC called the Skylink that brings wireless control through the DMX port to the rest of the SkyPanel line. For new owners of the S360-C, wireless control functionality is already built into the fixture.

Technical Highlights:

  • Built in Wireless DMX
  • Color-tuneable from 2800K to 10,000K.
  • Swappable Front Diffusion Panels – Standard, Heavy and Intensifier
  • Carbon-Fiber Yoke

The programmable soft light LED category is becoming crowded these days with the just-announced Litepanel Gemini and the more affordable Kino Select 20 and 30 DMX fixtures, both of which compete with the SkyPanel. While primarily a rental-only option for many, the SkyPanel S360-C will surely find a home on set as a versatile, low power-draw and high-output LED light.

Pricing: Between €14,400 and €22,000
Availability: → continue…

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