Klaus and Uwe Eckerl on DoF

By Jon Fauer In “Depth of Field Repealed,” FDTimes called for comments on “The difference in depth of field between Large Format and S35, comparing lenses with the same angle of view.” Klaus and Uwe Eckerl, Managing Director and Optical Designer of IB/E Optics in Bavaria, write: Yes, Circle of confusion really causes some confusion. In brief, I agree with ARRI (1 top difference)…. read more… → continue…

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BVE 2018: ARRI full frame Signature Primes

By Erik Naso

The new ARRI Signature Prime range of lenses was recently announced alongside the Arri Alexa LF. Alexa Mini product manager Michael Jonas gave us a run through of the new…

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BSC Expo 2018

By (Tony Costa)

by Lars Pettersson FSF

My God, has it been a year already? When the invitations for the BSC Expo 2018 began to pile up in the in tray last fall, my first reaction was where did that year go? But once the initial shock settled, we at the FSF began to focus on a strategy for the BSC Expo, and made the bold decision to send two representatives – Alex Lindén, FSF, and myself- and to report not only in writing but also with filmed interviews. These can be found a bit further down this page.

Rumours had been circulating in January that ARRI where in the works to introduce a brand-new camera, and that gave us something to ponder during the trip to London. Either ARRI would choose to introduce it here at the BSC Expo, or they would wait and do it at the NAB. In any case we had gotten an invitation to the ARRI ‘special VIP party’ Friday night, so one possibility could be that those invited would get a sneak peek at the camera there.

We arrived at the Expo by different airlines -so it wasn’t until just before lunchtime Friday when we reached Battersea Evolution in southwest London, that we even had a chance to figure out a strategy for covering the event.

That is, we didn’t even get that far before we were both swept up in the Gigantic Happening which the BSC Expo in fact is -Alex almost accidentally stumbled upon a special ARRI-event which was arranged on a small pavilion upstairs from the main exhibition. Trying to reach this pavilion I found myself at the foot of a staircase where a supervisor checked you against the guest list (fortunately we were both on it). Next to her was Robin Vidgeon, BSC, giving me a hearty → continue…

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