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Intrepid 8×10: an affordable large format camera

By Jose Antunes

Intrepid 8x10: an accessible large format camera

Digital may be king, but there is a nostalgia about film and a nostalgia about large format cameras. One British company, producer of 4×5 models, is now ready to deliver a 8×10 model.

If you’ve a passion for large format photography, if the names of photographers as Ansel Adams, John Paul Edwards, Sonya Noskowiak or Edward Weston make you dream of taking your own large format camera – anything from 4×5 up – to the field, but you don’t want to break the bank, then the Intrepid 8×10 camera is for you. For £480 (somewhere around $620) you can have your high quality and super lightweight handmade Field Camera. It’s the starting point to explore the world of large format.

The Intrepid 8×10 is on Kickstarter, with 28 days to go, a goal of £18,000 and more than 200 backers that very quickly confirmed the viability of the project: the amount collected at the moment is £106,568. No doubt, there is interest in large format cameras.

Above: video for the first Kickstarter project

The company behind the project, from Great Britain, is called Intrepid Camera Co. and has been designing and producing Large Format Cameras – 4×5 – for the last three years. It all started, as they say, to solve a problem: a love for 4×5 photography and a lack of money.

“The idea for an affordable hand made 4×5 camera first came to me about 5 years ago, I had just started with photography, building crude film cameras in a few hours, just to see what I could make. I used to, and still do enjoy the process of building a camera just as much as taking pictures”, writes Maxim Grew, one of the founders, on the → continue…

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Impossible Project launches special edition Two-Tone B&W Polaroid 600 camera

Impossible Project has announced the launch of a ‘strictly limited edition’ Two-Tone Black and White Polaroid 600 camera. This camera is a refurbished original Polaroid 600 redesigned with a custom two-tone paint job, according to the company, and it is exclusively available via the Impossible Project website.

In describing its new Polaroid 600 special edition camera, Impossible Project explains, ‘The new camera celebrates the work of the photographers and artists who have perfected the monochrome palettes – names like Robert Longo, Ansel Adams and Eva Rothschild.’ The new model is priced at $179; it isn’t clear how many units are available.

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