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Adobe Lightroom 7 Coming Soon

By Canon Rumors It looks like a closed beta for Lightroom 7 is happening according to a Photo Rumors source. A current beta tester had this to say (via Photo Rumors): Since two days I am investigating the improvements of the new and still unreleased LR 7 (still beta). Please note that it is a beta and EVERYTHING … → continue…

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Zoner Photo Studio X celebrates its first year and presents globally unique retouching brush

By Posted by Jody Michelle Solis, Editor

Zoner Inc’s. popular photo editing/management software program Zoner Photo Studio X is celebrating its one-year anniversary in style with some exciting and unique new updates.

The program’s non-destructive Develop module has added a very versatile and more robust new retouching tool with new adjustment layers in the Editor module that make it easier for users to experiment with exposure, curves, and levels. ZPS X also now enables full-fledged trimming of videos, which can be combined with photos and music for a creative new way for users to tell more detailed stories with their stills/videos.

Summarizing the last year, Zoner product manager Jan Kupcik says: “We have a year of subscriptions behind us and we have been listening to their feedback. The ability to concentrate on just one program has untied our hands and enabled the developers to publish significant updates every three months. The volume of the new features we’ve presented in the last year would previously have taken us almost two years of development. I am proud to say, on behalf on the entire development team, that we have been listening closely to our subscribers and we definitely don’t intend to slow down on improving this program.”

The Photographer Controls Every Stroke

The breakthrough new feature in the autumn update is the aforementioned retouching brush in the non-destructive Develop module. This brush is now the first in the world to enable the combining of multiple masks as well as multiple strokes within one mask. Each individual stroke can be edited or deleted at any time without reducing image quality. Automatic source region discovery also significantly helps to speed up the editing process.

Kupcik emphasizes the tool’s uniqueness explaining, “Full control over brush strokes enables so much freedom of work that we’re leaping past even the giants of non-destructive editing such as Adobe Lightroom → continue…

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Video: 3 simple Lightroom tricks you should definitely know

Photographer Travis Transient recently put together this helpful tutorial that might just teach you a thing of two about Adobe Lightroom. The video outlines three simple ‘tricks’ that Travis discovered by playing around with the sliders in Lightroom and really digging deeper than most of us ever try to dig.

These are the kinds of tips we usually see from Adobe itself—from enabling edge detection when using the brush tool to make a selection, to finding and eliminating color fringing by using the Dehaze tool to emphasize it. Check out the full video above and let us know which (if any) of these tips are totally new to you.

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