Adobe Camera Raw

Adobe Premiere Pro CC just got some really useful AI-powered features

Yesterday, Adobe announced a ‘massive update’ to Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC, adding new Adobe RAW and Custom profiles that showed the company was taking color and tonality more seriously. But that wasn’t the only update to come out of Adobe this week.

In preparation for NAB 2018, Adobe has also updated its video editing applications with useful new features for both After Effects and Premiere Pro users, and some really cool Adobe Sensei AI integration specifically for Premiere Pro.

The video above gives you a good overview, or you can can keep reading to dive a bit deeper.

Adobe After Effects

After Effects received a few interesting new features, including a new Advanced Puppet tool for creating complex motions, and Master Properties that allow you to apply changes to individual effects across multiple versions of a composition. Or, to let Adobe explain it:

With Master Properties, you can create compositions that allow you to control layer properties in a parent composition’s timeline. You can push individual values to all versions of your composition or pull selected changes back to the master.

Adobe has also added Immersive Environment into After Effects, providing 360-degree and VR content creators with a more efficient workflow.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Master Properties and the Advanced Puppet tool are pretty neat, but to see the most useful and impressive new features you’ll have to open Premiere Pro.

First and foremost, the new Color Match feature leverages the Adobe Sensei AI to automatically apply the color grade of one shot to another. This feature comes complete with Face Detection so Premiere can match skin tones where necessary, and a new split-view allows you to see the results of your color grade as you go, either as an interactive slider → continue…

From:: DPreview