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10 Great Actors Bound To Win An Oscar

By Cristian Mois

Every Oscar season, some actors are overlooked, while others are considered overdue and others settle for their status as a nominee. While a lot of factors need to be taken into account when assessing someone’s Oscar chances (the competition, the movie’s success, the campaign etc.), there are a handful of actors who consistently give performances that are so great and so entrancing that they’re almost constantly in the Oscar conversation and almost guaranteed to win a statuette at one point, when all the variables work in their favour.

This list showcases some of the most acclaimed actors working today, who still have a long career ahead of them and have the strongest chances to claim an Oscar at one point in their careers.

10. Michael Fassbender

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German-born Irish actor Michael Fassbender made his big-screen debut in Zack Snyder’s war epic ‘300′ (2007), but it was his first collaboration with Steve McQueen that put him on critics’ map.

In McQueen’s directorial debut ‘Hunger’ (2008), he plays Bobby Sands, who leads the second IRA hunger strike. To portray the role authentically, Fassbender underwent a very strict diet and shed significant weight.

As his popularity increased, he started balancing big budget movies such as Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Basterds’ (2009) and ‘X-Men: First Class’ (dir. Matthew Vaughn, 2011) with films by renowned directors such as Andrea Arnold, ‘Fish Tank’ (2009) and David Cronenberg, ‘A Dangerous Method’ (2011) which have brought him strong notices.

In his second pairing with McQueen, ‘Shame’ (2011), Fassbender plays Brandon, a New-York executive battling with sexual addiction. His stellar performance in the role received widespread acclaim and nabbed him numerous accolades, which ultimately failed to materialise into a Best Actor nomination at the Academy Awards in what was widely viewed as one of the biggest snubs of the → continue…

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The 10 Most Overrated Best Picture Winners Ever

By Cara McWilliam-Richardson

Emma Stone - Birdman

Every year since 1929, Hollywood has gathered together on one night of the year to recognise excellence in cinematic achievements. Twenty four awards are given out, with their recipients voted for by thousands of Academy members.

The most sought after and recognised award is that of the Best Picture award with the nominees in that category considered to be the best of the best – the films that show the pinnacle of filmmaking that year.

Recently the 90th Academy Awards took place with The Shape of Water winning the highest accolade of Best Picture. As with every Best Picture award given out, there are those who feel that another film was more deserving or that another film has lost out. And with the awards celebrating their ninetieth year – there are bound to be films that the Academy did not make the right choice on.

A Best Picture winner should essentially not only be the best film of the year, but it should also be a film that stands the test of time and can be looked back on as an example of excellent filmmaking.

With that in mind, this list looks at a number of Best Picture winners that may now be considered overrated. This is especially when viewed next to the other nominees of that year. This does not mean that the following films are bad or not great viewing, but there are films from the same year that just pip them to the post as the best film of the year.

10. Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Slumdog Millionaire was a massive hit with both audiences and critics, starting off as a sleeper hit and eventually earning $378 million at the box office. It was named in various top ten lists in its year of release and widely nominated. → continue…

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