Field Test: Teradek Serv Pro Gives Every Crew Member a Monitor

By Charles Haine

Teradek’s Serv Pro lets every crew member view the action and set their own controls for maximum information flow during production.

Every crew member needs to see the monitor for a different reason. The gaffer likes to see if their flag is sneaking into frame. The first AC wants to see if focus is sharp. Hair & makeup want to see how the performers are looking. Clients want to see how the product looks. Traditionally, this means that on a small production, five to ten people are crowded around a small monitor trying to get the vital information they need to do their jobs. That ends with the new Serv Pro from Teradek, which turns every smartphone and tablet on set to a fully customizable monitor for less than the price of buying another broadcast monitor.

Your script supervisor can now monitor live video on their own tablet, taking continuity frame grabs on the go.

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From:: No Film School