10 Great Movies That Will Make You Question Life

By German Torres Ascencio

Film is a extremely varied medium; there are films that entertain us with such effectiveness that we forget about the real world and we are left without a single moment to think.

Other films have other intentions and are crafted in such a way that we constantly think about the consequences of what we are seeing. The interest of these films is in making the viewer question life.

Here is a list of 10 films that do this with various techniques and styles, and manage fill our heads with questions on our own lives.

1. Stalker

Released in 1979, this film was the last that Andrei Tarkovsky shot in his country (the following two films were shot in Italy and Sweden). Acclaimed by some critics and fans as his greatest film, it displays the journey of three men through a post-apocalyptic land with the purpose to get to the Zone, where they intend to find a room that allows the one who visits fulfill their soul’s deepest wish.

None of the men have names; they are just referred as the Stalker, the Writer, and the Professor. Played by Aleksandr Kaidanovsky, the Stalker is the one who knows the way through the Zone and is in charge of leading the other two men to the room.

Through the journey of the three men, we see them have conversations that question the nature of the Zone and of life itself. In coherence with the characteristic style of Tarkovsky, the film is full of long takes, poems, and philosophical references delivered by the existentially anguished characters.

As the men get closer to the room, they begin to question whether what they think they wish is their truest deepest wish and at the same time, the oneiric mise-en-scene of Tarkovsky makes us → continue…

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This Kickstarter project makes old film cameras into digital ones!

By noreply@redsharknews.com (Adrian Pennington)

This Kickstarter project makes old film cameras into digital ones!

The headlong rush to digital has prolonged, even reinvigorated, the life of 35mm feature film, brought vinyl back into fashion and provoked a retro hankering for the tangible nature of analogue media. One of the latest to catch this wave is an attempt to wed the experience of composing with older reflex cameras with a digital output.

  • Kickstarter
  • vintage cameras

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    Patent: Lens Mount Adaptor For Different Flange Distances

    By Canon Rumors Northlight has uncovered a USPTO patent application that shows a design for a lens mount adaptor that allows for different flange distances with different adaptors. The patent covers a lot of options, so this may be part of many more patents that deal with adaptors and lens mounts. This patent also covers options for including … → continue…

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    Documentary in the Time of Fake News at The 21st Annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

    By Lauren Wissot

    This year’s 21st edition of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (April 5th-8th) boasted everything a doc geek would want in a top tier fest — strong selections, a nurturing southern hospitality, and many easily approachable big-name documentarians. And, as in year’s past (seven to be exact), the not to be missed, A&E Indiefilms Speakeasy conversations, which bring together some of the deepest thinkers in doc-making to discuss career and craft — and also to wrestle with some of the most pressing issues facing filmmakers (and the general public) today. Such was the case with one Friday afternoon Speakeasy I […] → continue…

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    Vegas, Slot Canyons and Venice.

    By alisterchapman

    day1-3 Vegas, Slot Canyons and Venice.

    I’m writing this from a hotel room in Page, Arizona. Half way through a shoot covering everything from the city lights of Las Vegas to the Slot Canyons of Arizona. I’m using a Sony Venice to shoot most of the material, but I also have an FS5 recording to ProRes Raw on a gimbal for some shots.

    It’s been an interesting shoot with many challenges. Some of the locations have been a long way from our vehicles, so we have had to lug the kit cross country by hand.

    Lugging the camera kit to the Slot Canyon. Thankful that the Miller CX18 tripod is nice and light.
    Shooting with Venice in the Slot Canyon.

    Almost everything is being shot at 60fps with some 120fps from the FS5. We also had a Phantom Flex for a couple of days for some 1000fps footage. For some of the really big panoramic scenes we have used the 4:3 6K mode on the Venice (at 24fps).

    JS_1983 Vegas, Slot Canyons and Venice.
    FS5 on a gimbal shooting ProRes Raw via an Atomos Inferno.

    Our main lenses are a set of full frame T1.5 Sigma primes. These are absolutely amazing lenses and when paired with the Venice camera, it’s hard to produce a poor image. Our Venice has a beta of the dual ISO firmware which has been an absolute godsend as the bottoms of the deep slot canyons are very dark, even in the middle of the day. So being able to shoot at 2500 ISO has been a huge help.

    I will write up this project in more detail once the shoot is over. I can’t share any footage yet, but once my client releases the film I will be able to let → continue…

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    Viral KFC ad campaign turns fried chicken into flames with Photoshop

    New York City-based advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather‘s latest ad campaign for KFC Hong Kong is on fire… so to speak. Tasked with advertising the release of KFC’s Hot & Spicy chicken, the agency created a clever collection of images that morphs the flaky breading and orange tint of crispy chicken into smoke and flames.

    The clever Photoshop jobs include compositions of the spicy chicken with space shuttles, power rangers (we think?) and a rocket-toting drag racing car, but the concept has taken on a life of its own as all good memes do. A few Twitter users around the world have started Photoshopping their own versions of fried-chicken-as-fire.

    と思って唐揚げで噴煙も作ってみた pic.twitter.com/5AiJoqHF1M

    — 瞬く🌸 お仕事募集中🌸 (@bokoyai) February 2, 2015

    The series of advertisements picked up attention from the Post-Production Ads Reference Awards for the clever campaign—a well -eserved accolade. Below are a list of contributors to the campaign, as seen on the Ogilvy and Mather agency’s Behance collection.

    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong

    Client: KFC Hong Kong

    Chief Creative Officer: Reed Collins

    Creative Director / Business Partner: John Koay

    Creative Director: Matt Nisbet

    Associate Creative Director: Kai Fung Chan

    Art Director: John Koay

    Account Manager: Stella Fung

    Project Manager: Jennifer To

    Photographer: Illusion, Bangkok

    Illustrator: Illusion, Bangkok

    Retoucher: Illusion, Bangkok

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    Powerbase EDGE and Hydracore 100 – Universal Battery Packs From Core SWX

    By Jakub Han

    Core SWX introduced their new battery packs – presented at NAB 2018: The universal and lightweight Powerbase EDGE and their first NiMH Gold Mount battery pack – the Hydracore 100.

    Core SWX, the US company specializing in power solutions for cameras have introduced a couple of new products at this year’s NAB. Among those innovations are the universal Powerbase EDGE battery as well as their first NiMH brick battery pack, the Hydracore 100.

    Powerbase EDGE

    This interesting battery solution follows the path of its highly successful predecessor, the Powerbase 70, which has been introduced eight years ago. According to Core SWX the new Powerbase is packed with more features while being smaller than the original one.

    The capacity of the Lithium-ion Powerbase EDGE is 49Wh (14.8V DC, 3.3Ah) and it is keeping the versatility of offering two mounting options, while being 30% smaller than the Powerbase 70. Mounting is possible via V-Mount for cine cameras such as RED or Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini cameras, as well as the 1/4-20 screw mount for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, such as the Panasonic GH5.

    In addition, the Powerbase EDGE has 2 USBs and 2 Power-Taps (one of them being a SmartTap), as well as a runtime LCD for users to see the exact battery expectancy in minutes. It also features a quick release plate for fast detachment from the camera or rig.

    Powerbase EDGE Key Specs:

    • Capacity: 49Wh (14.8V DC, 3.3Ah)
    • Size: 5.1” x 3.6” x 1.55” (12.95 x 9.14 x 3.94 cm)
    • Weight: 1.3lbs (0.59kg).
    • Normal Runtime: approx. 8.25 hours (Sony A7 w/o accessories )
    • Max Continuous Load: 8A

    Hydracore 100

    The Hydracore 100 is the first brick battery pack created by Core SWX that uses NiMH technology. The idea behind this product is to provide an → continue…

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    The Photo Studio AR app lets you ‘simulate’ a photo shoot with 3D models

    Have you ever been at a beautiful location and wondered what a photo might look like if you had a model and some lighting equipment on hand? Well, you no longer need to wonder. Los Angeles-baased visual effects studio Surpuba AR has released Photo Studio AR, an app for Android and iOS devices that uses augmented reality (AR) to project a model into any real-world scene you can imagine.

    The app features a collection of 3D-rendered models, all based off real people. You can pose them in multiple animated positions, change their location in the AR environment, resize them to fit the scene and even switch their outfits (and purchase other 3D models) via in-app purchases.

    As for lighting, you can add multiple lights and props to the scene to emulate what a particular setup would look like. You can even alter where the artificial sunlight is in the app so that it reflects the Sun’s current position in the sky.

    Finally, there’s also a built-in recording function so you can save your AR location scouting trip for reference down the road.

    A collection of screenshots showing off the props and light modifiers available in Photo Studio AR.

    You can purchase Photo Studio AR for both Android and iOS devices for $10. In-app purchases start at one dollar a piece. To learn more, head over to the company’s website by clicking here.

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    Oppo and Corephotonics sign strategic agreement around dual-cameras

    OPPO, one of China’s largest mobile phone manufacturers, has signed a strategic licensing agreement with Corephotonics, a developer of dual-camera technologies based in Israel. Under the agreement, the two companies will work together on the development on Oppo’s smartphone camera roadmap, covering optical zoom, depth mapping for bokeh simulation and related features, as well as other areas involving smartphone camera optics optics, mechanics, computational imaging and deep learning among others.

    Mobile photography is a key focus of OPPO, and we have always been eager to forge strong partnerships with leading suppliers like Corephotonics,” said Dr. King, OPPO’s Hardware Director. “Corephotonics’ dual cameras with wide-angled and telephoto lenses, along with the periscope-style construction, optical image stabilization and image fusion technology, edge mobile photography even closer to what digital cameras are capable of doing.

    Oppo and Corephotonics have worked together in the past, including on a 5x optical zoom module that was implemented in an Oppo prototype device and displayed at last year’s MWC. We’re looking forward to seeing the results from this now more formalized relationship.

    → continue…

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    Ikan PIVOT 3-Axis Gimbal with 8lbs Payload – Hands On

    By Olaf von Voss

    Ikan PIVOT

    We’ve already covered the frshly announced Ikan PIVOT 3-axis gimbal in this article. Now, at NAB 2018 in Las Vegas we had the chance to take a closer look at it. Natalie Cheng from Ikan walked us through this little, yet powerful, gimbal.

    This little guy can hold (and operate) cameras with a weight of up to 8lbs (3,63kg)! Since that’s gonna be quite tough to hold, you can get order a additional dual handgrip as an accessory.

    Ikan PIVOT 3-Axis Gimbal

    The market for handheld 3-axis gimbal systems gets quite crowded these days. Manufacturers need to have some nice trick up their sleeves in order to attrackt potential customers. In Ikan’s case it is the high maximum payload of the Ikan PIVOT gimbal. It can hold up to 8lbs. As you can see in the vdeo above they’ve managed to operate a Canon C200 with it. Since this camera weights 3.2lbs (1,5 kg) you should be able to add a lens, a baseplate, some 15mm rods and even a wireless focus of some kind. Very neat!

    The gimbal itself comes as a classic gimbal-on-a-stick with an angled roll axis in order to preserve a plain view on the back of the camera. Since this gimbal is meant to be used with small mirrorless cameras as well as DSLRs and even bigger cameras, such as the Canon C200, this concept might get pretty fatiguing pretty quickly. In order to distribute the weight a little more evenly, you can get the optional DGH dual grip handle from Ikan.

    Ikan PIVOT

    Ikan PIVOT gimgal with attached dual grip handle.

    This grip handle comes with → continue…

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    Canon unveils compact, rechargeable IVY Mini Photo Printer

    Credit: Canon

    Canon has just released its smallest and lightest printer yet. The IVY Mini Photo Printer is a rechargeable battery-powered portable printer that uses ZINK Zero-Ink technology to create 2×3 prints and stickers of your smartphone photos from anywhere. The printer launches today, and offers some stiff competition to similar instant printers from Polaroid and Fujifilm.

    Like all the other portable printers on the market, the IVY uses an app to sync with your smartphone. In this case it’s the Canon Mini Print App, which has been tricked out with a lot more than just a “print this photo” button. The app allows you to apply filters, frames, AR face distortion, and other photo-editing tools “including added text […] and the option to draw.”

    If 2×3 is too small for you, the app also allows you to “tile print” images using either four or nine frames to create one larger collage. Alternatively, there are “over ten unique collage templates” you can print onto a single 2×3 sheet.

    Here’s a closer look at the printer:

    The IVY Mini Photo Printer is available starting today in Rose Gold, Mint Green and Slate Gray for $130. The printer comes with a 10-photo starter pack of ZINK paper, with refills costing $10 and $25 for the twenty- and fifty-sheet packs, respectively.

    The Canon Mini Print App is available for free for both iOS and Android.

    Press Release

    #LiveIRL With Canon U.S.A.’s New IVY Mini Photo Printer

    With the Push of a Smartphone Button through the Canon Mini Print App, Print Creative 2×3 Photos and Stickers in Seconds

    MELVILLE, N.Y., April 19, 2018 – Today’s consumers are increasingly looking for unique ways to seamlessly blend their personal online brand and real life persona. With internet users having an average of seven social media accounts, → continue…

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    Volt Studios and Nice Shoes Minneapolis Move To Spacious New Studio

    By HYPE


    Leading post-production companies Volt Studios and Nice Shoes have moved to an expansive new location at 733 South Marquette Avenue, building off of a successful four-year partnership, as well as Volt’s 11 year…

    → continue…

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    GoPro will now accept almost any digital camera for trade-in, even ‘destroyed’

    GoPro has relaunched its Trade-Up program, this time as a permanent option for customers located in the United States. The program first launched last year, but only as a temporary promotion limited to previous-generation GoPro cameras exchanged for discounts on current-generation models. This time around, GoPro is accepting nearly any digital camera in any condition.

    The company says it will accept any GoPro or non-GoPro digital camera under the program, and that any condition is acceptable, including “destroyed.” To participate, customers must use the Trade-Up website to purchase either a Fusion or HERO6 Black, where they’ll receive a $50 discount on the HERO6 Black (bringing the price down to $350) and/or a $100 discount on the Fusion (bringing the price down to $600).

    GoPro provides the customer with a prepaid shipping label to send the company their trade-in camera; once the trade-in is verified, GoPro ships the newly purchased camera to the customer.

    According to the program’s FAQ, the trade-in camera must have a new value of at least $100 USD, and while multiple cameras can be traded-in, only one discount can be applied per camera purchase. Customers have 45 days to ship the trade-in to GoPro; once received, the company will charge their payment card for the new device.

    Explaining why it decided to expand the program to cover any digital camera, GoPro says, “It’s not so much that we want your old camera. We just want to make it easy for you to get your hands on the latest and greatest GoPro.”

    Press Release

    GoPro Launches Camera Trade-Up Program for HERO6 Black and Fusion Cameras

    Send in Any Older-Generation GoPro – or Any Other Digital Camera – and Receive $50 off HERO6 Black and $100 off Fusion at GoPro.com

    SAN MATEO, Calif., → continue…

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    Rylo update adds 180° mode, bluetooth capture and motion blur timelapse effect

    Credit: Rylo

    The popular Rylo 360° camera—a camera we called the “360 degree camera done right” in our review—is receiving a major update today. The update adds two new features for both iOS and Android users of the Rylo camera and app, with a third feature available only to iOS users for now.

    Let’s take them one by one.

    180° Mode

    The new 180° video mode shrinks the field of view, allowing you to capture 180° video at higher resolution and better image quality than 360° mode allows. According to Rylo, 180° mode “is especially useful for chest-mounted shots or activities/scenarios in which one lens is blocked.”

    Bluetooth Remote Capture

    The name kind of gives this one away. Remote capture lets you sync your phone to the Rylo camera via bluetooth, which allows you to: switch between recording modes, start or stop a video, and snap a photo, all from the app on your phone.

    Obviously, this feature will help if you’ve got the camera mounted somewhere hard to reach.

    Motion Blur

    A new feature for timelapse shooting, Motion Blur adds a ‘cinematic’ motion blur effect that is actually synced up to the speed of your timelapse shots (more speed = more blur). The effect doesn’t show up while shooting, but will be viewable upon export.

    All three features ship today, although Bluetooth Remote Capture is currently only available for iOS, with Android support “coming soon.”

    If you own a Rylo 360-degree camera and want to try these features out, all you need to do is update your Rylo app via the App Store or Google Play, then update your camera’s software through the app. And if you haven’t heard about the Rylo and want to know → continue…

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    Tony Northrup Predicts The Upcoming Full Frame Mirrorless Offerings From Both Canon and Nikon

    By Canon Rumors Opinions and predictions are fun, and there is a ton of chatter on the web about what Canon and Nikon are going to bring to the world of prosumer full frame mirrorless camera bodies. Tony Northrup gives his predictions in the video above about what he thinks we’ll see announced from both companies over the … → continue…

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