Canon illuminated buttons patent hints at future prosumer DSLR design

Canon has filed a patent that shows illuminated buttons appearing on the back of a prosumer DSLR camera, hinting that the feature may be added to the maker’s future models. Details are sparse at this time, but an illustration in the patent shows a series of buttons with what appears to be a row of LEDs behind them.

The patent explains that the technology “enables a letter or character on the surface of a button to emit light uniformly.”

As with all patents, we can’t say for sure when (or even if) this feature will make its way into a Canon camera, but it seems like a no-brainer and something that would be simple to implement. Check out the full patent for yourself here.

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Black Friday: Macphun Aurora HDR 2018 Discounts and Bonuses

By Canon Rumors About Aurora HDR: Aurora HDR is not just a tool for merging bracketed images, it also provides numerous tools and countless options to create perfect HDR photos for every taste – from one-click presets and advanced tone-mapping, to layers, noise reduction, and powerful luminosity masking controls. Offer Availability: The Aurora HDR 2018 Black Friday offer … → continue…

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Sony a7R Mark III Review


The Sony a7R Mark III is the company’s latest high-resolution full frame mirrorless camera. Much like Nikon’s recent D850, it’s one that combines this resolution with high speed and fast autofocus capabilities to a degree we’ve not previously seen.

Like its predecessor, the Mark III is built around a 42MP BSI CMOS sensor, but unlike the a7R II, it can shoot at ten frames per second.

Essentially it can be seen as an a7R II that inherits many of the lessons learned from the company’s pro-sports model, the a9. This means faster processing, improved autofocus, improved handling and ergonomics, as well as the adoption of a much larger battery. While some of the individual changes are subtle, they very quickly combine to produce a hugely capable and highly useable camera.

Key Features

  • 42MP BSI CMOS sensor
  • Faster, lower-noise image processing
  • 10 fps shooting with full AF, 8 fps with ‘live’ updates between shots
  • 3.69M dot (1280 x 960 pixel) OLED viewfinder
  • Improved autofocus, including more tenacious Eye AF mode
  • 5-axis image stabilization, rated at 5.5 stops (CIPA) with 50mm lens
  • 4K footage from ‘Super 35’ crop region oversampled from 5K capture
  • Video AF less inclined to refocus to background
  • ‘Picture Profile’ video gamma/gamut modes including S-Log2 and 3
  • Twin SD Card slots (one UHS-I and one UHS-II compatible)
  • Bayer-cancelling multi-shot mode for improved resolution
  • True 14 bit uncompressed Raw, even in continuous drive mode
  • Use of phase detection (including Eye AF) at 3 fps with adapted lenses

Sony says the a7R III is based around the same 42MP back side illuminated CMOS sensor as its immediate predecessor, so doesn’t gain the full speed advantages of the a9’s Stacked CMOS chip (in terms of AF performance, continuous shooting rate or reduced rolling shutter in video and electronic shutter mode). However, the adoption of the processing systems, algorithms and refinements introduced on → continue…

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This realtime 3D face capture with the iPhone X offers intriguing possibilities

By (Phil Rhodes)

Face capture made easy thanks to the iPhone X

Inevitably whenever a new piece of tech is introduced into consumer electronics, it can start us on a journey to opening up new possibilities for other applications. The facial capture on the iPhone X is no exception as this video shows.

  • iPhone X
  • 3d capture
  • facial capture
  • mocap
  • Motion Capture

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    10 Great Movies To Watch If You Like James Bond Films

    By David Zou

    James Bond, or agent 007, is no doubt one of the most widely known fictional spy characters. Bond’s first appearance was in 1953 in a series of novels by Ian Fleming, and it soared since then, becoming one of the largest and most popular franchises which included several series, films, books and video games.

    Although Bond has been played by many actors including Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton, the most famous Bond is played by Daniel Craig, who, despite his statement regarding quitting the franchise, has been announced to put on his Bond tuxedo once again for the upcoming Bond 25.

    So if you can’t wait for the next installment of the spy series, have a look at some of these films that will give you definite Bond vibes.

    10. Atomic Blonde (David Leitch, 2017)

    Charlize Theron - Atomic Blonde

    If you’re tired of women only playing ‘Bond girls’ or femme fatales in spy films, “Atomic Blonde” is a great film to add some variation to the genre. Starring Charlize Theron as the ruthless MI6 spy Lorraine Broughton, the plot follows her through a dangerous mission to the centre of Berlin. There, with the collapse of the wall taking place, she has to use all of her skills and powers to take down a deadly espionage group.

    The film has been called a mixture of James Bond, “Mission: Impossible” and “John Wick,” with Theron living up to every one of her male spy competitors. Although “Atomic Blonde” received mixed reviews with particular criticism toward the plot, the movie is no doubt entertaining and filled to the brim with action as well as beautifully choreographed fight scenes, showing that girls can do it too.

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    10 Famous Movie Directors Synonymous With One City

    By Conor Lochrie

    chungking express

    Just as cinema and its techniques evolved from the beginning of the 20th century, an interesting parallel presented itself in the increasing industrialization of modern life from this time onwards. Both became intertwined; the urban landscape provided the film industry with the infrastructure and resources it needed to thrive, with cinema helping to shape how we viewed and understood the urban form.

    Finding a prominent starting point in the Weimar Republic’s fascination with the future of modern metropolises in the 1920’s, filmmakers began to use cities more and more for inspiration, with all facets of its form being explored.

    Consider, for example, the dark visions of the New Hollywood movement: films like Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver (1976) portrayed New York and the urban realm as chaotic and dangerous, an alienating place to find oneself.

    Given this close connection, it was only natural that certain filmmakers focused their attention on specific places that they had a greater feel for. By delving deeper into one city, they could reveal more about its interior life and daily existence. This list looks at 10 prominent connections, beginning with the likeliest and most obvious example.

    1. Woody Allen – Manhattan (New York)

    The most stereotypical example on this list, Woody Allen became renowned as the New York director. It’s important however, to narrow this down: for a city of New York’s size and magnitude, it would be impossible for one person to capture what it meant to live there—the experiences of its citizens vary too vastly. Therefore, it’s more pertinent to say that Allen’s work detailed Manhattan life, especially a middle-class, intellectual Upper Manhattan lifestyle.

    A comedian by trade, after starting out making pure comedy films like Bananas (1971) and Take the Money and Run (1969), Allen began what could be termed → continue…

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    Review: Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III

    By Canon Rumors ePHOTOzine has completed their review of the brand new Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III. Canon’s flaghship PowerShot camera which sports an APS-C 24mp image sensor. From ePHOTOzine: The Canon Powershot G1 X Mark III has taken the great usability of a Canon DSLR, and the 24mp APS-C CMOS sensor with phase-detection AF built-in, and … → continue…

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    Canon Announces the ME20F-SHN

    By Canon Rumors United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 21 November 2017: Canon Europe, world leader in imaging solutions, today announces the launch of the ME20F-SHN, a low light network camera with remarkable performance. As a sister product to the ME20F-SH, the ME20F-SHN which now features network capability, further enhances Canon’s Multiple Purpose camera line-up with a solid proposition … → continue…

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    Top 10 sample galleries of the year #3: the Fujifilm X100F

    We’re counting down our top 10 most popular sample galleries of 2017 and at long last we’ve reached our top 3 galleries. Holding it down with the bronze medal is the Fujifilm X100F.

    What do you say about a camera like the X100F? It’s a staff favorite for sure – we gave it a gold award in our review. Even after publishing that, we found ourselves taking it on road trips and using it to photograph Seattle’s famous cherry blossoms. We were even fortunate enough to get our hands on an early version of the X100F prior to its release and shot a beta sample gallery as well. Check that out below:

    Top 10 most popular sample galleries of 2017:

    #10: Sigma 14mm F1.8 Art
    #9: Fujifilm GFX 50S
    #8: Nikon D7500
    #7: Olympus Tough TG-5
    #6: Sigma 85mm F1.4
    #5: Fujifilm X-T20
    #4: Leica M10
    #3: Fujifilm X100F
    #2: To be revealed on 11/23
    #1: To be revealed on 11/24

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    Sigma 16mm preorders in Europe. Shipment start delayed til December 2.

    By SonyAlpha Admin

    You can now preorder the new 16mm f/1.4 E-mount lens at Amazon DE and Wex UK. And the shipment start of this lens got a 1 week delay. BHphoto says the Sigma will be in Stock on December 1.

    The post Sigma 16mm preorders in Europe. Shipment start delayed til December 2. appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

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    Vintage Lens Review: Kinoptik 5.7mm F1.8 (The Kubrick) – Indie Film Hustle

    By Alex Ferrari

    Kinoptik 5.7mm F1.8 I always marveled at how Stanley Kubrick chose his lenses considering he created some of the most visually stunning images ever exposed to film. After visiting his exhibit at the LACMA, multiple times, I saw this very odd looking lens in the display case. The lens in question was the Kinoptik 9.8…

    The post Vintage Lens Review: Kinoptik 5.7mm F1.8 (The Kubrick) appeared first on Indie Film Hustle.

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    TIME Names α7R III Top 10 Gadget of 2017. And new TheCameraStoreTV hands-on review

    By SonyAlpha Admin named the top 10 gadgets of the year. And the A7rIII has the honour to be in this list: With notable improvements over its predecessor and a cheaper price than Sony’s A9 Alpha, the recently unveiled Sony Alpha A7R III stands to be one of the best mirrorless cameras ever made. It can shoot at twice […]

    The post TIME Names α7R III Top 10 Gadget of 2017. And new TheCameraStoreTV hands-on review appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

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    Easyrig’s Johan Hellsten reports on Camerimage

    By Jon Fauer Johan Hellsten, Cameraman and Inventor of the Easyrig, visited Camerimage for the first time. Camerimage was a mere 20 hours or more to the south by car and ferry from his hometown of Umeå. Here’s Johan, above, with an 18 kg ARRI Alexa 65 on his Easyrig Vario 5. He sent these photos and notes. Turkish cinematographer Cansu Bogulsu, above,… read more… → continue…

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    DoPchoice SnapBag Lantern – InterBEE 2017

    By Matthew Allard ACS

    The DoPchoice SnapBag Lantern works on any of their Rabbit Ears mounting frames that can accommodate a wide range of LED lights from companies such a B&S and Arri. The…

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    On Thanksgiving Weekend: A Few Random Thoughts About Church

    By philcooke

    My father was a pastor, so I’ve been involved behind the scenes at church as long as I can remember. As an adult, I’ve been privileged to coach and consult hundreds of pastors on how to communicate their message more effectively – particularly when it comes to media. So as we come to the Thanksgiving […] → continue…

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