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10 Movie Directors Who Made More Than 5 Masterpieces

By Woodson Hughes

Stanley Kubrick

When the writers (and future film makers) of the influential French film journal Cahiers du Cinema formulated what became known as “the auteur theory” in the late 1950s and early 60s, it caused a lot of controversy in cinematic circles. Simply put, it stated that the director was the prime mover, the “author” of the film and that everything in the film flowed from his vision.

For those who had grown up with the Hollywood style, where a director was just a component of the greater package, this idea seemed hard to fathom. Even harder to grapple with was the notion that, if a film maker was considered a worthy “author”, then whatever film he (or she) might create would be a worthy entity.

One might well question that last perception. The British author Somerset Maugham once made the witty (and, like all good jokes, true) remark that only a mediocre person was at his best at all times. The bottom line is that not every film of a great film maker (author) is great.

Some of the best get into repetition and very many made “autumnal” works late in their careers which have to be taken with a measure of kindness. However, it is also true that very few great films have ever been made by film makers who are not great. (Note that film maker is used in place of director here. Most of the men listed below also wrote most of the notable films chosen for them, making them authors in the truest sense.)

Listed below are ten names with more than five excellent films each chosen to represent great works done by these artists. Are these the “best” directors of all time and are these their “best” films? Can there be ultimates in the arts? No, these are → continue…

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More Coverage of the Canon Concept Camera From the Photography Show 2018

By Canon Rumors Photogearnews had a chance to get a closer news at one of the latest concept cameras from Canon. Check out the video above to learn more about the concept. From Photogearnews: Canon were showing off some new concept cameras at The Photography Show 2018. One of these was a tiny module that can track faces … → continue…

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New A7III tests roundup (Imaging Resource, Kasson, Comeau…)

By SonyAlpha Admin

There are plenty of new A7rIII tests: Affordable Sony A7 III’s pro-grade AF and high-performing burst mode get a real-world test (Imaging Resource). Sony a7III PDAF striping vs aperture (Blog Kasson). Sony A7 III: Why I Want One Even Though I Can’t Have One…(Michael Comeau). Sony A7III Setup guide with tips and tricks (Wimarys). A […]

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Shooting the Sony a7 III around the Pacific Northwest: Sample gallery updated

Now that we’ve gotten the Sony a7 III in our Seattle offices and are working our way through our full review, we’ve updated our sample gallery with a selection of our favorite images from our neck of the woods.

From cherry blossoms at the University of Washinton to coastal lighthouses and even a few furry friends for good measure, check out our gallery for a taste of Seattle in the springtime.

See our updated Sony a7 III gallery

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Sony Tidbits…

By SonyAlpha Admin

Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Hands-on Review Full list of todays Gold Box deals at Amazon, BHphoto, eBay,,,,, Sony A7riii Hidden Feature: Priority AWB (Enthusiastphotoblog). Sony is working on high-sensitivity dual-camera setup (Dpreview). NAMM 2018: Zoom Announces F1 Field Recorder with Shotgun or Lavalier Microphone (Explora). Sony A7III hands-on by […]

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JL Fisher Open House 2018

By D

It’s that time of year again. This is a great event year in and out. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it this year as I’m working on the other coast, but if you are able, go. You won’t regret it.

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The 10 Best Travel Movies of All Time

By Conor Lochrie

All cinema is a journey, when the viewer travels into a world separate from their own. We want to be transposed, transformed, changed. Some films are more literal in this form and travel films have been popular for many decades. The opportunity to travel with characters we care about on their travels is welcomed and the best travel films make us care about the journey and the people on it.

There have been wonderful travel novels that just haven’t transferred successfully to the big screen: Jack Kerouac’s generation-defining On the Road led only to a distinctly middling adaptation from Walter Salles (who did better with another effort which features on this list). When done right, though, travel films are intoxicating, immersive, and powerful. This list offers the 10 best examples of the genre, spanning continents and eras.

10. The Trip to Italy

Based on a British TV Series, Michael Winterbottom’s film stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as fictionalised versions of themselves. Brydon has been asked by a newspaper to tour the country, from Piedmont to Capri, partly following the footsteps of the great Romantic poets. Coogan joins him on his trip and the film follows their engrossing conversations as they journey through the majestic Italian countryside.

This is a film that revels in the innate comedic ability of its actors, for Coogan and Brydon natural conversations ilicit genuine uproarious moments consistently; it’s an improvisational masterclass, just as the films of Christopher Guest are, and the film is better for it. Coogan is more well-known internationally than Brydon but having The Trip to Italy (2014) focus more on the latter means the fictional comedy narrative feel more enjoyable and convincing.

The humour is very British, of course, often dry → continue…

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The Sony RX100-V has a lot of untapped potential

By (Mark Andrew Job)

The Sony RX100-V has a lot of untapped potential

Mark Job shows how the video capabilities of Sony’s popular RX100-V can be used for much more than just Vlogging.

  • Sony RX100
  • Atomos Ninja Star
  • Documentary
  • uncompressed HDMI

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    GoPro licensing deal will let third parties use the company’s camera tech

    Photo by Dose Media

    GoPro has announced a new deal with manufacturing services company Jabil. The multi-year agreement, officially announced Thursday, will involve GoPro licensing its intellectual property and reference design to Jabil, which will use it to incorporate GoPro sensor modules and camera lenses into third-party products.

    According to the GoPro announcement, the company will reserve approval over any third-party services and products in which its technology is used. The agreement includes an equipment license, ultimately covering “a range of products and services each company offers,” among them being “certain digital imaging and consumer products,” says GoPro.

    This isn’t the first time Jabil and GoPro have worked together. Jabil Optics’ vice president Irv Stein calls this new deal “a natural extension” of the companies’ involvement with each other, explaining that the GoPro tech will likely be used in “enterprise” segment:

    This agreement is a natural extension of our long-standing relationship with GoPro and our commitment to developing innovative technologies. Early market feedback indicates strong demand in the enterprise action camera segment for applications in smart homes, military, fire, police, rescue, and security.

    Additional details about the agreement, including financial numbers, weren’t disclosed. However, the expanded partnership comes at a time when GoPro faces ongoing financial troubles that have resulted in multiple layoffs over past months. Licensing its goods may help GoPro survive its turbulent action camera sales.

    Press Release

    GoPro and Jabil Announce Global Technology and Equipment License

    San Mateo, CA and St. Petersburg, FL, March 22, 2018 – GoPro, Inc. and Jabil Inc. today announced a global, multi-year technology and equipment license. With this agreement, Jabil will leverage GoPro’s cutting-edge reference design and IP to produce camera lens and sensor modules for incorporation into GoPro-approved third-party products and solutions. This agreement → continue…

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    X Factor tour in UK è realizzato usando sistemi di produzione live Blackmagic Design

    By News

    Il tour 2018 negli stadi della trasmissione televisiva UK di X Factor saranno prodotte con un sistema di camere portatili (PPU) con una regia basto su ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K e il pannello ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel. L’acquisizione delle immagini dal vivo è stata realizzata con un allestimento multicamera in HD che include

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    Rumor: Canon full-frame mirrorless already ‘being used by select pro photographers’

    So far, the EOS M5 is the nearest thing Canon has made to a high-end mirrorless camera.

    Rumors of a Canon mirrorless full-frame camera are heating up. Just days after our own Canon interview from CP+ 2018 seemed to hint, quite strongly, that a “high-end mirrorless” from Canon is in the works, Canon Rumors is reporting that they have “confirmed from a couple of good sources” that a full-frame mirrorless Canon is indeed being tested by select pros.

    The Canon Rumors report, published earlier today, claims that “a full frame mirrorless camera is well into its development cycle,” and is in fact being used by “select Canon pro photographers” in the field. This matches up with what Canon told us during our interview at CP+ 2018. Specifically, the Canon executives we spoke to said:

    In accordance with the full lineup strategy, we will be tackling [the mid-range and high-end mirrorless market] going forward.

    And when we asked if it was “realistic” to expect a Canon full-frame mirrorless camera within a year, their tongue-in-cheek response was:

    That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

    Read our full Canon interview from CP+ 2018

    Canon Rumors is “very confident we’re going to see something announced before the end of Q1 in 2019,” while other outlets have predicted something for Photokina in September. Either way, as rumors and reports heat up, it seems more and more likely the industry will be getting a major shake-up in early 2019 or late 2018.

    The major unanswered question is: what about lenses? Will Canon release a new lens mount with this rumored full-frame mirrorless camera—thereby taking advantage of the shorter flange distance offered by mirrorless—will the new camera be compatible with EF lenses out of the box, or will it be some sort of hybrid arrangement?

    When we spoke → continue…

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    Fashion magazine expects photographers to PAY to be on the cover

    An American fashion magazine has created a storm by expecting photographers to pay $860 if their image is chosen for its cover. In a ‘the world’s gone crazy’ role-reversal, Sheeba magazine’s submission guidelines specify that photographers lucky enough to have an image selected for the cover will have to pay for the privilege of having it used.

    In the magazine’s defense, it does style itself as a place where photographers, designers and models have an “opportunity to show-case and promote their contemporary masterpieces worldwide through print, digital and social media exposure” and presumably getting the cover position allows that photographer the most exposure.

    Work placed inside the magazine is published for free, and at the moment there’s a special 50% off deal for cover placement.

    In return, the photographer gets a copy of the print edition, a high-resolution tear sheet, and possibly an interview inside the magazine. Although billed as a monthly magazine, there seem to be three ‘volumes’ some months. The 74-page latest issue costs $26 for the print edition.

    It isn’t clear what the magazine’s reach is, or exactly how much exposure gracing the front cover will gain the chosen photographer. The magazine’s Instagram page has fewer than 2,500 followers and its Twitter posts appear in the feed of just 75 people. The magazine is a little more successful on Facebook where it has 6,703 followers, but its most recent post is rather soiled by a lengthy comment thread about the morality of its cover policy.

    If you don’t feel up to applying for a place on the cover, the magazine is looking for a number of interns to help put the publication together. The job ads offer the “opportunity to gain valuable → continue…

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    Rising Sun Pictures Partners With UniSA To Develop Visual Effects Undergraduate Program

    By Artisans PR

    Adelaide, South Australia

    Award-winning visual effects studio Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) is expanding its educational partnership with the University of South Australia (UniSA). Beginning in 2019, RSP will commence delivering the entire third year of UniSA’s new VFX specialisation within the Bachelor of Media Arts degree…

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    Russian drone pilot pushes his tiny drone to 33,000ft

    YouTube user and drone pilot Denis Koryakin (“Денис Корякин”) recently published a video showing a small drone’s trip to an altitude of around 33,000ft. Operating a drone at that altitude would be against regulations in many places, not to mention risky to commercial aircraft—as such we would never condone or suggest this kind of drone stupidity.

    That said, this particular ascent appears to have taken place in a remote region of Russia near the Siberian city of Strejevoï, and there don’t seem to be any altitude restrictions on small drone flights in Russia, so he didn’t technically break any laws.

    According to Koryakin’s video description, this “drone experiment” intended to get the drone to an altitude of 10 kilometers, which is just under 33,000ft and about the cruising altitude of passenger jets. The on-screen display shows the drone’s speed hitting 13 meters per second at one point, and Koryakin explained that temps went down to -50°C (-58°F) when the drone reached an altitude of around 8,000 meters (~26,000ft).

    The video translation reads (via Google Translate):

    March 9, 2018. Experiments with quadrocopter continue. This time the goal of the flight was to reach a height of 10 kilometers and return safely to the launch site.

    By popular demand, and with the help of kind people, a display of air temperature appeared. Due to the inertia of the thermometer, the current temperature does not immediately display. On the street that day it was about -10 degrees [C]. The minimum temperature during the flight was -50 degrees [C] around 8000 meters.

    In the video description, Koryakin also lists the parts used to construct and control the drone, all of them readily accessible to anyone who wants to replicate it. Components include Cobra brushless motors, Gemfan carbon nylon propellers, and Sony → continue…

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    Audio Tip: How to Get Good Sound on Every Budget

    By Robbie Janney One of the key ingredients of a good video is great sound. Here’s how you can get pristine audio on a variety of budgets. → continue…

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