The 25 Best Movies By Directors To Emerge This Century

By David Zou

So far the 21st century has been an exciting, unpredictable, and variable period for cinema. Many talented, vital, and visionary filmmakers have emerged (too many, in fact, to completely cover in a list as short as this) and Taste of Cinema thought it might be helpful for film lovers to get a reasonably extensive list of the best movies to come out of the current generation of international filmmakers.

The films on this list show a wide-ranging assortment, including auteur-driven films, influential movies, astonishing international fare, a few blockbusters, plentiful arthouse gems, genre films, and many magnificent female-led projects, too (that has truly been one of this century’s best progressions), each of which represent the very best of the cinematic artform.

As a list of this nature is very expansive, many additional films have been included in an Honorable Mentions section at the end of the article (the titles listed there could easily be swapped for any on this list without argument). Enjoy!

25. Monster (2003, directed by Patty Jenkins)


Patty Jenkins’s distinguished directorial debut, which she also wrote, was too disturbing to make her a household name (2017’s blockbuster Wonder Woman essentially did that) as she detailed the harrowing real-life story of Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron, in a brilliant, Oscar-winning performance).

Monster picks up shortly after Aileen, a sex-worker, has relocated to Florida. Here she soon meets Selby Wall (Christina Ricci), a younger woman, and the two fall in love. When an aggressive john named Vincent (Lee Tergesen) brutally attacks Aileen, she kills him in self-defense and decides to finally give up prostitution.

A series of financial setbacks and Aileen’s wanting to protect and support Selby leads her back into hooking men and, secretly from Selby, she murders the men who seek her services.

A challenging, deeply troubling, intense, and tragic → continue…

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15 Movies That Are Perfect Cinema To Inspire Young Filmmakers

By Bernardo Viotti

Every great filmmaker has a story about the start of their love affair with cinema. The moment of inspiration usually involves sitting in a dark movie theater, looking up at the screen and being struck by the muse. For the first time, these young filmmakers identify with the authorial voice behind the camera and realize that making a movie could be within their means.

More often than not, these inspiration-inducing movies are themselves the start of brilliant careers, where filmmakers with few resources at their disposal are first able to fully articulate their voice. The chain of inspiration, passes on from filmmaker to filmmaker, with each generation influencing the next and leaving a lasting mark on cinema history. If you’re young and stuck, or considering taking up a camera for the first time, here are a few movies that will help to get the creative juices flowing.

15. Clerks (1994)


Often derided for “selling out” with his mid-career films, Kevin Smith’s debut feature hit a cultural nerve with its frank and hilarious treatment of sex and pop culture. Shooting at night with his friends in the New Jersey convenience store where he worked during the day, Smith famously put himself into credit card debt to make the movie and created a new model for aspiring indie auteurs.

The largely plotless film concerns itself with a day in the life of two grocery store clerks and their aimless conversations about sex, relationships and pop culture. Ultimately, the drama boils down to Dante, one of the clerks in the title, having to choose whether to stay with his current girlfriend, Veronica, whose promiscuous past troubles him, or to try and renew his flame with his high school sweetheart Caitlin.

The $20,000 budget was less than what most filmmakers spend on a → continue…

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IFH 222: How to Shoot and Sell a $5000 Micro Budget Feature Film with Claudia Pickering – Indie Film Hustle

By Alex Ferrari

How to Shoot and Sell a $5000 Micro-Budget Feature Film with Claudia Pickering Today’s guest is writer/director/actor/producer Claudia Pickering. She recently wrote and directed the feature film “Frisky” for just $5000. I wanted to have her on the show to discuss the tricks of the trade when making a feature for such a low budget.…

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Canon got it right on International Women’s Day

Photo by Mario Calvo on Unsplash

“For International Women’s Day, Canon…” as I read the subject line of the email, I cringe at the possible endings to that sentence.

Not outside the realm of possibilities is something like, “Releases Commemorative Pink Camera Strap!” In 2018 I think we’re better than that. Probably. I keep reading.

“…Lends Support to ‘Women Photograph'” is how it ends, and I feel a real sense of relief. This was an organization I knew and had covered in the past. It aims to ‘elevate the voices of female visual journalists,’ offering an additional resource for editors as well as grants and workshops for female photographers. I read on.

“Canon will work with Women Photograph to aid their travel grant program which funds female and non-binary photographers to attend workshops, hostile environment trainings, festivals, and other developmental opportunities.”

If you’re a brand looking to grab a slice of the #MeToo pie, you could definitely do much worse than this. Case in point: McDonald’s put on a master class this year in getting it wrong. The fast food giant announced that it would be turning its logo upside down to recognize International Women’s Day… a “W” instead of an “M”… for women… get it? Critics spoke up quickly, pointing out that it felt like an empty gesture coming from a company that can afford to do much more.

The upside down arches were on my mind when I started reading that press release from Canon this morning, so it felt very reassuring to see the brand pledging real support behind an effort created by, and created for, women photographers. Sure, it’s all marketing at the end of the day, and → continue…

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New Laowa 25mm f/2.8 5x macro FE lens preorders are now open

By SonyAlpha Admin

You can now preorder the new Laowa 25mm 5x macro FE lens at VenusOptics (Click here). The new 9mm f/2.8 E-mount lens is yet not available for preorder. New hands-on images with this lens can be found at ePhotozine, Albedomedia. Sony A7III preorder links: Sony A7III in USA at Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon, BestBuy, FocusCamera, BuyDig. Sony […]

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ADG Announces Sci-fi Eagle-con Schedule Spotlighting Aliens, Monsters And Others At Cal State LA, March 8-10

By Admin


The Art Directors Guild (ADG, IATSE Local 800), Founding Sponsor of Eagle-Con, has announced their event during the…

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PODCAST: When a 2 Person Crew Is The Best Choice For a Micro-Budget Feature

By Noam Kroll

Arguably the most important element to get right when producing any micro-budget film is crew size. When crew size gets out of hand, production is bound to lose efficiency and momentum, which equates to the film’s limited budget getting burned through in record time.

While many filmmakers and first time directors aim to work with larger crews that offer a more “traditional” setup for a feature film, there’s an argument to be made that less is more – especially on no-budget or ultra-low budget productions. In today’s episode, we explore this at length by outlining the benefits and realities of working with a 2 person crew, and comparing it to a more standardized 15 – 25 person crew commonly found on other indie productions. We look at how a smaller crew allows for more effective guerilla shooting, a more rapid pace on set, and potentially greater creative results. All this and much more on today’s episode.

Take a listen to Episode 41: When a 2 Person Crew Is The Best Choice For a Micro-Budget Feature

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A Sense of Place

By Matt Mulcahey

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Married to a Zombie: 1 Day. 1 Shoot. 1 Film.

By Filmmaker IQ

Editor’s Note: John here. One day, I found a link to a short film in my inbox by Lexy Anderson. She wanted to write a short article about how she put it together. Since it was so much fun I couldn’t say “no” – here is the story of “Reality Bites”, a short film by […]

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Life as a Zombie’s Wife: 1 Day. 1 Shoot. 1 Film.

By Filmmaker IQ

Editor’s Note: John here. One day, I found a link to a short film in my inbox by Lexy Anderson. She wanted to write a short article about how she put it together. Since it was so much fun I couldn’t say “no” – here is the story of “Reality Bites”, a short film by […]

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RØDE NT1 & AI-1 Complete Studio Kit Review

By Matthew Allard ACS

The RØDE NT1 & AI-1 Complete Studio Kit is a multi-versatile solution for capturing quality audio just about anywhere. The kit comes with everything you need – a RØDE NT1…

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Carbon Brings Paper and Packaging Animated Characters To Life

By whitehouse


Carbon animators brought the new cornerstone paper and packaging characters for the national marketing campaign Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® to life just in time for their launch in February. The new campaign creative, developed in…

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Leaked images confirm Huawei P20 will have a Leica-branded triple-camera

Huawei will launch its new flagship smartphone at a dedicated event in Paris on the 27th of March, and over the past few weeks we have seen a number of rumors indicating the new device will be the first smartphone to feature a triple-lens camera. Now, thanks to a fresh set of leaked images, that rumor is all but confirmed.

Previous rumors indicated that the triple cam setup will offer a total resolution of 40MP and a 5x optical/digital hybrid zoom. Additionally, the front camera will allegedly feature a 24MP resolution.

We still don’t know the exact camera specifications, but the existence of the triple-camera setup has now been pretty much confirmed by a series of very official-looking product renders, which were discovered by Dutch website Telefoon Abonnement on the Chinese social network Weibo.

As you can see from the images above, a fairly-conventional looking dual-camera is joined by a third, separate module, with all cameras aligned vertically on the device’s back plate. There is also a dual-LED flash and the Huawei-typical Leica badge.

According to the teaser images, we should also expect some AI-powered functions from the camera app, and the new model appears to come with an iPhone X-style camera notch at the front. Huawei itself doesn’t appear too concerned about the leaked product images, and has actually published a number of teasers on its Instagram account and other social media.

We’ll be in Paris on the 27th to have a closer look at the new device and its camera for you on launch day, so stay tuned for official details in a few weeks’ time.

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Technicolor PostWorks Helps Send 10 Films To SXSW

By Artisans PR


Continuing its support for innovative and emerging filmmakers, Technicolor PostWorks New York provided post-production services for 10 films screening at this month’s SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. The films span narrative, documentary and animation categories and include five world…

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25 Films and Events We’re Looking Forward to at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival

By Scott Macaulay

SXSW, with its tens of thousands of tech enthusiasts and thousands of filmmakers and film fans, kicks off tomorrow with a typically sprawling program that mixes independent discoveries with coolhunting studio films, cutting-edge genre work with artistically-minded episodic series. As always, there is a lot we are excited about seeing, beginning with these 25 films you might put a little digital star next to in your festival app. Garry Winogrand: All Things are Photographable. The great Garry Winogrand — depending on the day, my favorite photographer — is the subject of Sasha Waters Fryer’s documentary, which happens to be the […] → continue…

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