The 10 Coolest Movie Characters of All Time

By Dilair Singh

What does being a “cool” movie character mean exactly? It means being able to keep a level head regardless of the situation the character ends up in. For some characters, the stakes are obviously much greater. Their “coolness” becomes integral to their survival. But for other characters, their coolness is so ingrained it’s a way of life.

Here’s a list of 10 great examples of being cool in film; there are similar character traits, but coolness isn’t always exactly the same.

10. Tyler Durden – Fight Club


The dynamic between Brad Pitt’s performance, and Edward Norton’s speaks volumes about how much Tyler Durden meant for many young men. People love Fight Club so much now that it has almost become stigmatized to admit you like the film.

It’s a movie frustrated guys watch to feel empowered: in real life they’re perhaps most like Edward Norton’s Tyler Durden. But Brad Pitt’s portrayal of the same character is who they hope to be. It’s this complexity of Tyler Durden that marks Fight Club stand apart from being just a typical frat boy movie. Tyler Durden still represents so much; primarily the idea of taking charge of your own life.

9. Ellen Ripley – Alien

Ellen Ripley is a character that was ahead of her time. The character was originally written as a man, but Ridley Scott ultimately decided against that.

Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley is a subversive hero: she’s one of the smartest, bravest characters in a genre that is typically filled with men.

8. Randal – Clerks

Kevin Smith has mentioned that when he initially started writing Clerks, he intended to play the role of Randal himself. As a result, Randal Graves is the funnier of → continue…

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in 2019 you’ll be able to get a 4G signal on the moon

By (Adrian Pennington)

in 2019 you'll be able to get a 4G signal on the moon

4G on the moon? If Elon Musk’s rocket makes a successful mission in 2019, we’ll soon all be able to get a live stream direct from our closest celestial body.

  • SpaceX
  • Moon landing
  • 4G network

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    Ben Von Wong used 4,100 pounds of E-waste to create these futuristic portraits

    Photographer Benjamin Von Wong recently teamed up with computer maker Dell to try and make recycling “cool.” Together, they took 4,100 pounds of electronic waste and used it to build three futuristic scenes that show how e-waste can be used to power the future of tech instead of languishing in some landfill—in other words: how e-waste can serve as a bridge between the past to the future.

    For the past several years, Von Wong has taken his talent for capturing and creating incredible scenes in-camera, and used it to help push for various causes in the world of conservation. That’s how he wound up photographing this model in shark infested waters, or capturing these images of ‘mermaids’ swimming in 10,000 plastic water bottles.

    His latest project finds him continuing his quest for conservation and social responsibility, this time alongside computer company Dell.

    As Ben explains in his blog post about the project, he got in touch with Dell after finding out that the company has the world’s largest global recycling program. But for all of their cool recycling tech—like, for example, ‘Closed Loop Recycling’ that reuses metals and plastic from old computers to build new ones—the company struggles to get people to recycle.

    “After all, how do you convince people that recycling e-waste can be cool?” ask Von Wong. These photos, this project, is supposed to be the answer to that question… or at least the beginnings of a conversation.

    Wistron GreenTech gave Ben 4,100 pounds of e-waste to use on this project—the approximate amount a single person will generate over the course of their lifetime—and together with 50 volunteers over the course of 10 days, they build three ‘epic’ sets using simple tools, glue, paint, and wood.

    Using → continue…

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    Mob Scene Names Brett Abbey as CFO

    By Asbury PR


    Mob Scene, one of Hollywood’s leading entertainment marketing agencies for major motion picture studios, television networks, and production companies, has named Brett Abbey as its new CFO. The announcement was made today by Thomas Grane, CEO, Mob Scene.

    Abbey comes to Mob Scene from…

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    FilmFest Diva Yvonne McCormack Opens Award winning Women’s International Film Festival on March 8th for International Women’s Day

    By Admin

    new york

    Women’s Empowerment and the #MeToo movement have been a major part of news over the past several months, and with March being Women’s History month, the award-winning Women’s International Film Festival (WIFF) is happy to continue its mission of empowering women’s visions, dreams and voices by…

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    Atech unveils Blackjet VX-1C CFast 2.0 media reader

    Atech Flash Technology, a manufacturer of digital storage solutions aimed at professionals, has launched a new premium line of products under the ‘Blackjet’ brand, starting with the VX-1C CFast 2.0 card reader.

    The new model plugs into desktop or laptop computers via a USB 3.1 Gen 2 connection, allowing for a 1,000 MB/s bandwidth and data transfer from even very fast cards at maximum speed. And thanks to that connector, the Blackjet VX-1C is compatible with current Mac and Windows Thunderbolt 3 machines.

    The unit features a metal enclosure for durability and a number of vent holes for improved heat dissipation. Thanks to its support for fast transfer rates, the Blackjet VX-1C looks like a particularly interesting option for videographers. It is shipping now and retails at $100.

    More information is available on the Atech Flash website.

    Press Release


    Fremont, CA – February 28, 2018 – Atech Flash Technology (AFT) manufacturers of industrial and professional media card readers and storage solutions will be launching their new premium line of products under the Blackjet brand. Their latest CFast 2.0 media reader named the Blackjet™ VX-1C.

    Blackjet VX-1C utilizes the larger bandwidth 1,000 MB/s of USB 3.1 Gen 2, which allows you to ingest, edit and archive your creative content from your media cards at their maximum speeds. Blackjet VX-1C utilizes the USB-C interface which allows it to be compatible with existing Mac® and Windows® Thunderbolt™ 3 computers.

    Pricing and Availability

    The Blackjet VX-1C will have a suggested MSRP of $99 USD and is currently shipping.

    Key Features

    • Media Reader for CFast 2.0 media cards

    • USB 3.1 Gen 2 provides speeds up to 10Gbps

    • Reversible USB Type-C connector makes connections
      much easier and quicker

    • Ingest footage with speeds up to 525 MB/s*

    • Rugged metal enclosure to ensure durability → continue…

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    Parrot’s ‘Flight Director’ automatically creates highlight videos from drone footage

    Camera drones are capable of recording spectacular video but if you don’t make the effort of editing your footage into shorter, more watchable, clips, your files might just be sitting in a folder of your hard drive, catching dust.

    Drone maker Parrot has now added a new feature to its FreeFlight Pro app that is designed to help with that. The Flight Director function automatically edits your drone footage, using algorithms that study the drone’s behavior and flight paths. You can pick a style (chronological, cinematic or trailer), select a pre-made theme and set a few other parameters.

    The bad news is, the new feature is not free. You can create 15-second “best of” clips at no cost, but you’ll have to purchase the premium version of the feature in-app to enjoy longer clips. You’ll also need a Parrot Bebop 1, 2 or Power drone for the Flight director feature to work.

    We’ve seen a similar approach from GoPro in the past, but the QuikStories app wasn’t drone specific. But if you own a compatible drone and want to optimize your flying/editing time ratio, Parrot’s Flight Director feature might well be worth a closer look.

    The Freeflight Pro app is available for both Android and iOS.

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    Tamron 70-210mm F/4 DI VC USD – CP+ 2018

    By Matthew Allard ACS

    At the CP+ show in Japan, we got to have a look at Tamron’s new 70-210mm F/4 DI VC USD zoom lens. The lens looks like a good option for…

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    SMPTE Hollywood Section to Explore the History of Moving Imagery with Lenny Lipton at March Meeting

    By Artisans PR


    The Hollywood Section of SMPTE®, the organization whose standards work has supported a century of advances in entertainment technology, will delve into the deep history of moving imagery with filmmaker, inventor, and author Lenny Lipton at its monthly meeting, scheduled for Thursday, March 22,…

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    Bride ordered to pay photographer $89K for posting defamatory statements online

    Photo by Ben Rosett

    Emily Liao of British Columbia has been ordered to pay wedding photographer Kitty Chan $115,000 CAD (~$89,000 USD) in defamation damages after lambasting Chan’s photography business online. According to a CBC report, Liao heavily criticized Chan’s business, Amara Wedding, in both Chinese and English on platforms that included Blogger, Facebook, Weibo, and others, ultimately destroying her business and prompting this ruling by B.C. Supreme Court Justice Gordon Weatherill.

    Amara Wedding catered to Chinese-speaking customers, offering wedding photography in addition to other services like wedding planning and officiating. The business had signed a contract with Liao in 2015 that was valued at $6,064.80, but the deal soured when Liao was given proofs of pre-wedding photos to review. According to the report, Liao wasn’t happy with the quality of the proofs and the fact they were taken by a professional photographer other than Chan herself, though the contract hadn’t specified that she would take them.

    Liao reportedly provided Chan with a post-dated check for the work and was reassured that the final image quality would improve after editing. However, the bride stopped payment on the check a week ahead of the wedding, and when Chan refused to turn over the photos until payment was made, Liao filed a claim against her in small claims court.

    And that might have been the end of this story, if Liao hadn’t also taken to the Internet with a series of attacks against the photography business that Justice Weatherill characterized as “egregious, accusatory and vitriolic.” The bride accused Amara Wedding of being “a major scam shop and deceitful photography mill business engaged in extortion, dishonesty, unfair practices, bait and switch and other dirty tactics,” among other shocking and disparaging statements. And when her criticisms went viral → continue…

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    BVE 2018: ARRI Lightweight Matte Box LMB 4×5

    By Erik Naso

    Alexa Mini Product Manager Michael Jonas walks us through the LMB 4×5 Lightweight Matte Box from Arri. The LMB 4×5 is an evolution of the LMB25 providing a versatile option…

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    Wacom reveals new, ‘significantly upgraded’ Intuos pen tablet

    The Wacom Intuos pen tablet is one of the first major photo editing upgrades a beginner typically invests in, and today, Wacom launched what its calling a significant “get creative” upgrade to this popular lineup.

    On the hardware side, the new and improved Small (152.0 x 95.0 mm | 6.0 x 3.7 in) and Medium (216.0 x 135.0 mm | 8.5 x 5.3 in) Wacom Intuos pen tablets boast Bluetooth connectivity (not all models), improved accuracy, and a smaller footprint despite having the same active tablet area as previous models. They also have a built-in pen tray, four express keys, an LED indicator and, if you buy one of the Bluetooth models, a 60% improvement in battery life.

    The included pen, meanwhile, uses Wacom’s battery-free EMR technology to deliver 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity from an “improved ergonomic design with increased weight and soft touch grip area, in-pen nib compartment and nib extractor.”

    The hardware upgrades are not insignificant, but the Wacom announcement actually seems more keen on software than hardware—more specifically: on the software that comes bundled with the new tablets.

    Wacom has partnered with several creative software manufacturers to give users access to up to “$160 worth of creative software” alongside the tablet. These include Corel Painter Essentials 6 for design and illustration, CELSYS CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO for comic and Magna creation, and Corel AfterShot 3 for photo editing.

    The Wacom Intuos comes in three flavors: The Intuos S for $80, the Intuos S with Bluetooth for $100, and the Intuos M for $200. Depending on which one you pick, you’ll get access to 1, 2, or 3 of the software options mentioned above so you can start getting creative right away.

    To learn more about these new tablets or order one → continue…

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    San Francisco International Film Festival Announces its 2018 Golden Gate Award Feature Competitions

    By Scott Macaulay

    The San Francisco International Film Festival’s Golden Gate Awards Feature Competitions were announced today, and the 20 films span many well-received pictures we’ve had our eye on here at Filmmaker over the last year. These include 25 New Face RaMell Ross’s Hale County, This Morning, This Evening, Mila Turajlić’s The Other Side of Everything, Jordana Spiro’s Night Comes On, and Sandi Tan’s Shirkers. There are two world premieres: a US/Ghana production by Bay Area directors Zachary Fink and Alyssa Fedele, The Rescue List, about a safe house for kids escaping the country’s child labor system; and Tre Maison Dasan, US […] → continue…

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    Art Directors Guild Co-Hosts Diverse Sci-fi Eagle-con Spotlighting Aliens, Monsters, And Others At Cal State LA

    By Admin


    Continuing a grassroots tradition of outreach into diverse communities, the Art Directors Guild (ADG, IATSE Local 800), founding sponsor of…

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    Canon updates the 15-45, 18-150 and 55-200mm for the M50’s Dual Sensing IS

    By Richard Canon has released updates for the three EF-M lenses to support dual sensing IS – which is a combination of both in camera body and lens based shake detection which is used by the lens to determine the amount of stabilization required. Right now, only the EOS-M50 supports dual sensing IS. The firmware can be … → continue…

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