All 18 Domestic Box Office Champions From The 21st Century Ranked From Worst To Best

By Ian Flanagan

In a perfect world, public opinion would always align with critical consensus. But just like critics, the people who make up the widespread American moviegoing audience are often wrong. Any given year will feature box office smashes for the right reasons – a curious audience and a great film connect over several weeks, leaving an important impact on pop culture that can last if the cards are right. And sometimes you get a new Transformers movie.

But though spectators can be tricked by marketing, fooled by brand recognition and swayed by gimmickry, they singlehandedly keep film alive and, when a masterpiece or two sneaks its way into the Hollywood machine, keep film relevant. From the turn of the century when Ron Howard’s Grinch was king to the foregone conclusion of Stars Wars: The Last Jedi becoming 2017’s highest grossing film, here’s every yearly domestic box office winner so far this century ranked.

18. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Beating the wholly superior Cast Away for the top spot, Ron Howard’s holiday abomination was apparently just a warm-up for directing Best Picture winner A Beautiful Mind.

Perverting everything Dr. Seuss could have ever intended with his lovely children’s books, this horrific live action vision exploited extensive nostalgia for the author’s broad catalogue – as well as the iconic 1996 animated adaptation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! – in order to easily coast to box office profits.

An ad-libbing Jim Carrey under pounds of makeup is somehow more inspired than any facet of this adaptation of the 69-page book. With a new 3D animated version of the tale being released this year – in the vein of more recent films Horton Hears a Who and The Lorax – it’s becoming clearer that How the Grinch Stole Christmas! → continue…

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The 10 Best Subtle Movie Performances of All Time

By Andreas Babiolakis

A performance can be expansive. You hear big speeches. You see a booming personality. However, there is something special when it comes to a performance that says so much with so little. Perhaps something feels more authentic with these kinds of roles. You can sense that these people truly do exist. Even if a character is based on a real person, you feel as though the person on screen is truly living.

Can these characters explode and have moments of intensity? Sure, but that’s how we are naturally, too. For the most part, these are ten excellent examples of characters that were brought to life by the smallest of nuances. These are ten of the best subtle movie performances of all time.

10. Judith Anderson – Rebecca


As the sinister housekeeper Mrs. Danvers, Judith Anderson personifies the looming Manderley home. Like the house she watches, Anderson lurches over enough to cast a deep shadow behind her (and those that follow). She is almost robotic-like in nature; she is hypnotized by her responsibilities.

In fact, much of her frigid personality seems to come from her absolute disgust with the unnamed second wife of Maxim de Winter. When she leaks a bit of her hidden intentions out, her eyes go from cold to piercing. Her voice similarly changes from monotone to threatening. She isn’t lifeless, but she does stuff any signs of life she may have underneath her overbearing hatred. Anderson is a gargoyle that comes to life when times are at their darkest.

9. Lamberto Maggiorani – Bicycle Thieves


Vittorio de Sica famously worked with unknown people, usually everyday citizens, in some of his works. In Bicycle Thieves, this is likely the finest result of de Sica’s experiments, with the earth shaking performance by former → continue…

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Spectacular slow motion is now available to all, and that’s a very good thing indeed

By (Simon Wyndham)

Ultra slow motion is now available to producers at all levels of budget

Once the sole preserve of film cameras, slow motion was once inaccessible to all but the best budgeted productions. Now it is available to all. We chart its rise through the world of video cameras.

  • Slow Motion
  • SloMo
  • Sony FS7
  • NEXFS700
  • GoPro Hero 6
  • 240FPS
  • 1000fps
  • 120fps
  • varicam
  • AJHDC27

    → continue…

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    Litepanels Gemini 2×1 LED Soft Panel Review

    By Matthew Allard ACS

    The Litepanels Gemini 2×1 LED soft panel was announced in September last year. The Gemini is a 2×1, RGB-WW soft panel that combines daylight, tungsten, and red-green-blue LEDs. The ARRI…

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    “The Future is What We See It to Be”: Raoul Peck on James Baldwin, Karl Marx and The Young Karl Marx

    By Kaleem Aftab

    The Young Karl Marx is the latest film from Raoul Peck, a filmmaker who still believes in the intelligence of the audience. It’s his first film since his incredible success with the Oscar-nominated I Am Not Your Negro, about James Baldwin. Like so many radical filmmakers he has found acc;ao, when he has been able to marry his own political beliefs and curiosity with society’s infatuation with celebrity. The film on Baldwin came at the right time and struck a chord at a moment when #BlackLivesMatter entered the public consciousness and the realisation that the election of an African-American president […] → continue…

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    PXW-FS7 Service Manual

    By alisterchapman

    I found a copy of the PXW-FS7 service manual online at

    PXW-FS7 Service Manual

    It’s worth bookmarking this in case you ever need it. Page 25 of the manual includes a list of the error codes that the camera can display if there is a problem.

    PXW-FS7 Service Manual was first posted on March 5, 2018 at 6:01 pm.
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    It’s Really About You and Your Friends: Alex Henning on Creating Social Virtual Reality and Coco VR…

    By Randy Astle

    With the release of Coco last year Pixar created yet another film that won over critics and audiences with rich visuals and a compelling story; it’s earned over $200 million so far and just took home the Best Animated Feature Oscar. Pixar wanted to use the property to push forward into new territory, though, and thus used Coco as the vehicle for its first virtual reality experience. To do so they tapped Magnopus, a Los Angeles-based VR/AR company that had previously produced Moana‘s virtual reality product for Disney. The result is Coco VR, a visually arresting gaming experience that also constitutes Oculus’s largest foray into social VR thus far. […] → continue…

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    International Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017 winners announced

    The International Wedding Photographer of the Year (IWPotY) competition has announced it’s 2017 winners, and there is plenty of wedding photography inspiration to go around. Entries were submitted into one of nine categories, and submitted photos had to be taken on the day of the wedding to quality.

    © Erika Mann

    This year’s Wedding Photographer of the Year grand prize went to Two Mann Studios‘ Erika Mann for her portrait of a bride with a double rainbow in the background. The image was taken near Cougar Creek in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, according to the photographer, who explained that an “unpredictable storm” had provided them with the spectacular backdrop.

    Talking about the shot, Mann said:

    Paige and Daniel had a super low key wedding, with the reception taking place in their parent’s backyard, with about 25 guests. Thankfully their parents have one of the most beautiful backyards in the planet, along the banks of Cougar Creek in Canmore, Alberta. After a short, and unpredictable storm, we were treated to the most amazing double rainbow. Lanny and I got low into the creek bed so we could remove the houses, and simplify the frame to the rainbow, mountain and Paige, with her dress billowing in the wind.

    As the grand prize winner, Mann will receive $3,000 USD, as well as a Nikon D850 and other items totaling $9,125 in value.

    © Paul Woo

    The contest’s Runner Up is Paul Woo of Wandering Woo, who claimed the spot with a touching image of a bride’s son becoming emotional during the wedding ceremony. The Runner Up prize includes $1,000 USD, a Think Tank Signature 13, Photo Mechanic user license, and Hold Fast Skinny Money Maker camera strap.

    Top scoring images have → continue…

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    Confirmed: ProGrade Digital will NOT make XQD cards, is betting on CFexpress instead

    When new, high-end memory card manufacturer ProGrade Digital made its debut last month, one of the most common questions we saw in the comments was “will you make XQD cards?” The answer seemed to be “no,” but it was based on support email screenshots and other unofficial sources.

    To clear up any confusion, DPReview reached out to ProGrade Digital directly and asked if the company could confirm or deny these reports, and/or share its plans (or lack thereof) in regards to the XQD format.

    ProGrade Digital CEO Wes Brewer sent us the following statement in response (emphasis added):

    ProGrade Digital is not planning to manufacture XQD cards at this time. We are however strongly promoting the future standard of CFexpress through our efforts in the Compact Flash Association. The CFexpress Type B form factor of this new standard is the successor to XQD, and allows existing cameras that utilize XQD cards to be upgraded to operate with the new CFexpress Type B cards if the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) chooses to update firmware in those devices. In addition to the option of backward compatibility to XQD cameras, the new CFexpress cards utilize two lanes of PCIe (vs. one lane on XQD) and supports the NVMe (Non Volatile Memory express) protocol, which provides more than twice the interface speed of XQD. Look for ProGrade Digital to make announcements in this area throughout 2018.

    There you have it. The future, as far as ProGrade Digital is concerned, is the CFexpress Type B form factor, which is backwards compatible with XQD memory card slots anyway. Given this fact, it makes sense that ProGrade would steer clear of the “licensing arrangements that Sony requires” (H/T Nikon Rumors) to manufacture XQD cards in the meantime.

    → continue…

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    Manager says Canon is willing to cannibalize DSLR sales with mirrrorless cameras

    Scroll through your photo news feeds this morning, and you’ll get a lot of “Canon manager confirms: Canon is shifting focus from SLRs to mirrorless” type headlines. But you may want to wait before you grab your hammer and smash that piggy bank in anticipation of new high-end mirrorless option from Canon, because the ‘manager’ in question confirmed no such thing.

    The reports we’re seeing are based on a late-February report in Nikkei Asian Review titled, admittedly, “Canon shifts focus from SLR to mirrorless cameras.” The article was written the day after Canon released the M50 mirrorless camera, and in it, Nikkei quotes the president of Canon Marketing Japan, Masahiro Sakata, who identified mirrorless as a ‘growth market’ that Canon needed to invest in:

    [Canon must] actively roll out products for a growth market even if there is some cannibalization.

    Needless to say, this is not the same as confirming that “Canon is shifting focus from SLR to mirrorless cameras.”

    The quote is still intriguing, however, especially in the light of recent shipment and sales numbers out of Japan. Quoting last year’s CIPA numbers, Nikkei points out that the Japanese market for interchangeable lens cameras dropped by 10% while mirrorless increased by just over 29%.

    Over the years, the generally accepted narrative has been that Canon doesn’t want to invest in mirrorless because it will cannibalize its SLR sales. Sakata’s statement indicates that those days are over—Canon has noticed the industry trends, and is willing to “actively roll out” mirrorless cameras even if it means eating into sales of its affordable DSLRs.

    Canon wants to be more active in the mirrorless space, but that doesn’t necessarily mean ‘high-end’ mirrorless like the full-frame Sony a7 III

    When it comes to high-end mirrorless, however, Sakata → continue…

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    Use the cameras media check to help ensure you don’t get file problems.

    By alisterchapman

    Any of the Sony cameras that use SxS or XQD cards include a media check and media restore function that is designed to detect any problems with your recording media or the files stored on that media.
    However the media check is only normally performed when you insert a card into the camera, it is not done when you eject a card as the camera never knows when you are about to do that.
    So my advice is: When you want to remove the card to offload your footage ensure you have a green light next to the card, this means it should be safe to remove. Pop the card out as you would do normally but then re-insert the card and wait for the light to go from red, back to green. Check the LCD/VF for any messages, if there are no messages, take the card out and do your offload as normal.
    Why? Every time you put an XQD or SxS card into the camera the card and files stored on it are checked for any signs of any issues. If there is a problem the camera will give you a “Restore Media” warning. If you see this warning always select OK and allow the camera to repair whatever the problem is. If you don’t restore the media and you then make a copy from the card, any copy you make will also be corrupt and the files may be inaccessible.
    Once the files have been copied from the card it is no longer possible to restore the media. If there is a problem with the files on the card, the restore can only → continue…

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    The incredible speeds of 5G could change entertainment and computing forever

    By (Adrian Pennington)

    The incredible speeds of 5G could change entertainment and computing forever

    The amazing speeds promised from 5G could completely revolutionise not only how we interact, but how we do our computing in general. And it’s only around a year until it becomes a reality.

    • 5G network
    • 8K video
    • 3GPP

      → continue…

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      Canon: Continued support of Yellowstone Forever

      By Richard Imaging company celebrated as “single largest funder of wildlife conservation and research” in Yellowstone National Park MELVILLE, N.Y., March 5, 2018 – In celebration of its robust corporate social responsibility program, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, has been recognized with a 2018 Partnership Award from the Public Lands Alliance for the company’s … → continue…

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      10 Great Movies That Should Have Won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film

      By Manuel Pedro

      Incendies (2010)

      Of all the categories featured at the Oscars, there is probably no other category that can present the diversity and sheer quality than the foreign film nominees. Coming from all over the world, representing some of the best cinema has to offer outside of Hollywood, chances are that all the movies in this category are worth watching. But, as with all things, the attention is always given to the last one standing, to the one that takes the award home.

      Apart from that, one can debate the selection process to reach the final five nominees, which has excluded many remarkable films over the course of the years, either because they were not submitted by their country (“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” “Oldboy,” “The Seventh Seal”) or because they simply didn’t made the final five, regardless of how much they seemed to merit it (“Come and See,” “The Ascent,” “Wild Strawberries”).

      In any case, picking only five movies from such an extraordinary palette of ideas, visuals and stories would always be a challenging endeavour. This list will focus on this last decision stage – the films that should have won but only made it until the final five.

      10. The Hunt (“Jagten” – Thomas Vinterberg, 2012)

      the hunt

      Thomas Vinterberg’s return to top shape, “The Hunt” is a perfectly crafted film about the volatility of communities and the state of fragility in which their members coexist. In fact, even if its aesthetical approach is completely different, one can easily find the same ideas behind “The Celebration” (an extraordinary movie on its own, and an essential part of the Dogme 95 movement); the essence of both movies is kin, as they expose a society eager to judge, where everyone uses masks they can drop in an instant.

      Built around Mads → continue…

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      Amazon – Lauren Greenfield’s Generation Wealth

      By Staff

      Presents Generation Wealth, the Official Selection of both the 2018 Sundance and SXSW Film Festivals is screening at SXSW on March 10th, 12th and 13th. For the past 25 years, acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield (The Queen of Versailles, Thin, kids+money, #likeagirl) has travelled the world, documenting a vast range of cultural movements and moments […]

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