DoPchoice Lantern Snapbag Introduced

By Jakub Han

DoPchoice Lantern Snapbag is a newly introduced light softener which is compatible with a variety of LED light panels through the “rabbit ears” mounting system. It is available now and will be on display at NAB.

DoPchoice Lantern Snapbag

German company DoPchoice specializes in producing light softeners and grids for LED light panels. They are now introducing another product in their line of lighting softeners called Snapbag – the Lantern Snapbag. It is a lantern-type soft box which can be used with a variety of LED lighting fixtures and sizes. It even allows users to change the depth of the sphere – it can be fully expanded like a traditional lantern or contracted shallower for use in tighter spots.

When hung overhead or on a boom from above, the three-foot (100cm) diameter Lantern creates a large soft source to use as a space light. In low ceiling applications the depth of the Lantern can be reduced to keep it out of the shot. As a soft key light, the circular Lantern provides a pleasant round eye reflection.

Mounting the DoPchoice lantern snapbag to different light panels should be easy with company’s “rabbit ears” mounting system which is sold separately though. According to DoPchoice mounting process with their system is easy and quick. Take a look at a short informative product demonstration video from DoPchoice:

DoPchoice Mini and Rectangular Rabbit-Ears models fit a wide variety of LED light fixture makers, including ARRI, BB&S Lighting, Cineo, Creamsource, Kino Flo, Litepanels, Lupo and Velvet. For the full list of supported light panels visit the product page on DoPchoice website.

As an accessory for the DoPchoice Lantern there is customized Lantern Skirt that cuts spillage and enhances creative light directing. Thanks to 4 zip-up sides users can focus output → continue…

From:: Cinema 5d