5 Reasons Why “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” Should Win Best Picture This Year

By Conor Lochrie

The Oscar ceremony is less than a month away now and the race is relatively open. Martin McDonagh’s ‘Three Billboards’ won big at the Golden Globes, pushing it to be many people’s favourite to triumph at the Oscars too.

Strong competition comes from auteur Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Phantom Thread’ and Jordan Peele’s astonishing debut feature ‘Get Out; it’s a diverse and creative field this year, for which the Academy should be commended.

Despite coming under scrutiny since garnering its recent acclaim, ‘Three Billboards’ should still emerge as the winner of Best Picture on Oscar night: no competing film can match its potent mix of daring, complexity, and audacity.

His second feature film set in the U.S.A, ‘Three Billboards’ is a damning, blistering story of justice and morality in small-town America. After her daughter, Angela, is killed, Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) puts up 3 roadside billboards reading “Still No Arrests?”, “How Come, Chief Willoughby?”, and “Raped While Dying”.

These, naturally, soon get attention from the people of Ebbing as Mildred seeks some redemption and justice for what happened to her daughter from the policemen who haven’t yet found Angela’s killer. It’s a bold drama, a reflection on America as it is, and it’s a timely piece.

Through its powerful characters and stinging narrative, ‘Three Billboards’ will continue to resonate for a long time after 2017. This list will look at 5 reasons why McDonagh’s film is deserving of winning the Best Picture Oscar when the time finally comes.

1. Frances McDormand’s Central Performance

It appears very likely that Frances McDormand will triumph at this year’s Academy Awards, which would become her 2nd win, her last being for the Coen Brothers’ ‘Fargo’ in 1996.

An interesting circularity can be drawn between the two: her cheerful, Minnesotan cop Marge Gunderson was → continue…

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The 10 Best Thriller Movies of 2017

By Luc Hinrichsen

While looking back on the thriller genre in 2017, one might discover some interesting tendencies to look out for in years to come. First of all, there’s an increase of first class, character-driven thrillers without the use of unrealistic and over-choreographed action.

Simultaneously, the surreal and metaphorical finds their way into the genre. It’s interesting to see influences of David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock, just to name a few, mixed with partly uprising directorial aesthetics.

10. Super Dark Times (Kevin Phillips)

The directorial debut of Kevin Phillips is a well-balanced mix of coming-of-age drama and psychological thriller. The films nostalgic mood perfectly fits the initial 90’s harmony of suburban America, which is quickly interrupted by an invisible force that every child has to face sooner or later – the loss of innocence.

This theme finds its expression in different forms. Weed, alcohol and the pleasure of the other sex, all accompanied by the subliminal omnipresence of a friendship internal rivalry. Being the movie’s main protagonists, it focuses on the friendship between Zack and Josh and the consequences of a terrible accident, and the overlapping feelings for the same girl. Both facts strongly put their bond to the test.

The mainly youthful cast is the film’s heart. They manage to give their characters the needed amount of depth so that none of the figures seem like a childish psychopath or a clichéd sketch, but a troubled teenager who has to deal with the reality and changing perspectives.

These themes are well-compressed in a true suspense corset, in the manner of masters like Hitchcock. “Super Dark Time” has some nice sequences to offer, in which the audience is left in a constant position of fearful excitement. In particular, the film’s → continue…

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Blackmagic Design Conference & Expo Feb. 11th-13th, 2018

By Olivia Gleichauf

Blackmagic Design Conference & Expo – February 11-13, 2018 Black Magic Design partnered with Future Media Concepts to create this 3-day educational event taking place in Los Angeles at the Hilton Los Angeles / Universal City Hotel. This event offers Blackmagic Design users and professionals an opportunity of networking with industry experts and cutting-edge training, […]

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Industry Master Calendar February 11, 2018

By Olivia Gleichauf

Welcome Below The Line Subscribers, Several things are happening this week. The Writers Guild Awards, and the Visual Effects Society Awards are taking place, as well as the Black Magic Conference and Expo. Final voting is closing for BAFTA and the Location Managers Guild Awards. Final Polls and Ballots are closing for the ASC, Cinema […]

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WGA Awards Show Feb. 11, 2018

By Olivia Gleichauf

Writers Guild of America Awards Show – February 11, 2018 Taking place at the Edison Ballroom in New York City, The Writers Guild of America is hosting its 70th Annual Awards show. Cocktails start at 6:15pm, dinner is at 7:15pm, and the Show starts at 8:30 pm. Amber Ruffin (Late Night with Seth Meyers) will be […]

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VES Awards Show Feb. 13th

By Olivia Gleichauf

Visual Effects Society Awards Show – February 13, 2018 The 16th Annual VES Awards show is taking place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California. This awards show recognizes and honors the most outstanding visual effects work of the year and honors the artists who created them. The Reception is at 5:30pm and the […]

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Patent: Improving Computational Photography With DPRAW

By Canon Rumors We posted yesterday about a utility that looks to improve the dynamic range in the EOS 5D Mark IV, but using the two DPRAW exposures to blend a single exposure. One of the issues that arises when doing this is getting parallax errors. Canon News has uncovered a very detailed patent that shows Canon is … → continue…

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“In the Master’s Narrative, We Don’t Hear the Stories of the Oppressed, the Disenfranchised, of Women”: Director Cathy Lee Crane on Her SF Indiefest Premiere, The Manhattan Front

By Lauren Wissot

Developed with the support of a 2013 Guggenheim Creative Arts Fellowship, The Manhattan Front is experimental filmmaker Cathy Lee Crane’s first feature-length narrative film in a career spanning over two decades. True to Crane’s hybrid art film roots, though, The Manhattan Front melds melodramatic acting on silent-film-styled sets with newly digitized archival footage of daily life in New York City and on the front lines during World War 1. Via this unconventional approach Crane presents the true story of how a German saboteur’s plans to prevent American munitions from reaching Britain during a period of official U.S. neutrality became entangled […] → continue…

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Patent: Lens IS Patent Shows Sensor Based Stabilization

By Canon Rumors A USPTO patent for lens based image stabilization seems to show movement sensors inside the camera body suggesting sensor based stabilization. While the patent doesn’t directly mention the sensor stabilization, the fact that it’s in the drawing is interesting. → continue…

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Grand Format Lenses at Micro Salon

By Jon Fauer At the AFC Micro Salon in Paris, it was called “le Grand Format”– Full Frame, Large Format. And Grand Format was partout. Here is a parade of Large Format images. Photographed using a Sony a9 still camera with PL-to-E-mount adapter and LPL-to-E-mount adapter. All lenses wide open–maximum aperture. Credits and more details will follow as I edit this post. The filename… read more… → continue…

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What Showreel Gets You Shooting Jobs? – ON THE GO – Episode 86

By Fabian Chaundy


In this part of our discussion with cinematography agents, we discuss two key elements to finding an agent: your show reel, and the right timing.

You know that video compilation you edit every year with your best recent shots? While you may refer to it as your “showreel”, agents such as Kristen Tolle-Billings from Worldwide Production Agency and Kasper Notlev from ArtOfficial would probably just call it a montage… and, believe it or not, it’s probably not the first things they want to see.

Kirsten Tolle-Billings from Worldwide Production Agency

While a montage would have been useful in the past, a certain sense of mistrust has built up around the use of such compilations, as it is very easy to cherry pick your best shots without showing a true representation of what you can actually deliver as a DP. For this reason, agents prefer to see your “actual” showreel – that is to say, your body of work in its entirety.

Kasper Notlev from ArtOfficial

But let’s say you have a decent number of projects under your belt. They look awesome. But you want more, and are thinking about contacting an agent. Something that could happen is that you may be turned away… But fear not. Commencing a conversation with an agent who doesn’t believe you are quite there yet doesn’t necessarily mean you will never work together – quite the contrary, it may prove easier in the long run develop a working relationship from having already known each other for a couple of years.

What Kasper recommends: don’t stress about finding an agent too soon. Instead, focus that energy in realising creative projects and developing your own talent. After that, the agent thing will work itself out.

Finally, we touch on some of the financial aspects of working with an → continue…

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10 Movies That Defined Cinema History

By German Torres Ascencio

Cinema is one of the youngest art forms in the world, and yet it is subject to a very complex history where its form and conception has constantly changed.

It started as entertainment novelty and eventually evolved into an art form as respected as the other arts. The history of cinema has been shaped by many different countries, whose films have deeply influenced each other. There are some films that had an impact so deep into the medium that they became an obligated reference when studying the story of world cinema.

Sometimes these films were influential because of the innovative way in which they used the film language, and thus stretched it. Other times the films were influential because of the way in which they were produced. Whether a film proved that high budgets were not necessary to make a film, or that a new technology could be used, these films had a major impact in the way films were conceived.

Here is a list that as much as the number 10 allows it, will try to display some of the most history-defining films in the 20th century. The list will try to make a perspective on the way film was transformed during this century with the technological and artistic innovations that were developed.

These films became not only great works of art, but also portraits of a specific time of the world and the cinema. These films shaped the way in which film was done and also how they are done in the current day.

1. The Birth of a Nation (1915)

The Birth of a Nation

D. W. Griffith is considered the father of film language (others talk about Edwin S. Porter) by some people, and this may be a gross misunderstanding since he, as every influential thinker → continue…

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Panasonic Lumix GH5S sample gallery

The Panasonic GH5S is a heavily video-focused variant of the GH5, and we’ve already tested its video capabilities extensively. To complement our sample reels, we have a full sample gallery for your viewing pleasure. Take a look at the still image side of this video-centric camera.

See our Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S
sample gallery

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The Filmmaking and Cinematography Techniques of El Topo

By Sareesh

El Topo is one of the greatest movies of all time. It starts out as a Western and becomes a surreal Superhero fairy tale. It is a spiritual experience put on celluloid – from the mind of Alejandro Jodorowsky.

In this video I go through the cool filmmaking techniques the creators used to produce these mind-blowing visuals for such a low budget. Enjoy:

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