10 Great 2017 Movies You Should Never Watch With Your Parents

By Bernardo Viotti

Before the rise of streaming services, cinephiles had a limited number of options to choose from. There were the movies out in theaters that week, maybe a retrospective or two, what we could catch on TCM, or the good old neighborhood video rental store. On demand streaming is a godsend, but with convenience also comes a new set of problems.

Chief among them, the real existential question of our times: how to pick a movie from virtually infinite possibilities? The task of wading through all those choices is hard enough when we’re viewing alone, but it becomes infinitely more challenging when we’re trying to accommodate a group of people– especially when that group of people includes our parents. In which case, scrolling through the hundreds of options can feel like navigating a minefield.

As you undertake the task of catching up with the best movies of 2017, this list aims to provide a map of that minefield. All the films on this list are, by some metric, movies you should see… just not with your parents.

10. Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name

If a movie is tame enough to be nominated for multiple Oscars, surely it must be safe to watch with your parents? Not necessarily.

Call Me By Your Name is the story of a summer romance between a 17-year-old boy, Elio (played by Timotheé Chalamet) and his father’s research assistant, Oliver (played by the 31-year-old Armie Hammer.) The film introduces the viewer to a bucolic existence in provincial Italy where Elio wastes away his summer listening to classical music, reading and swimming with his friends at the nearby lake.

This tranquil status quo is interrupted by the arrival of Oliver, who immediately gains the admiration of the family and their circle of → continue…

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