Sony VENICE adds features, ships this month

By (Andy Stout)

The new Sony VENICE, shown here with a Cooke lens

Sony expects its next gen CineAlta motion picture camera to start fulfilling pre-orders this month and is already looking ahead to v2 firmware features.

  • Sony Venice
  • 6K
  • fullframe
  • Firmware
  • Dual base ISO

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    Broadcasters to Recruit Job Seekers at 2018 NAB Show Career Fair

    By Posted by Jody Michelle Solis, Editor

    The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF) will host the NAB Show Career Fair at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 11. The career fair is part of NABEF’s commitment to promoting diversity in the broadcast workplace and connects hundreds of entry and executive-level industry professionals with top broadcast and media companies.

    Co-produced with the Broadcast Education Association (BEA), the event is free for job seekers and features panel discussions, one-on-one career coaching, resume workshops, and hiring opportunities for various careers within the broadcasting industry.

    Recruiters and job seekers can register here. Recruiters who register before February 14 will benefit from a discounted booth rate of $250. All recruiters receive Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) credit with the purchase of a booth.

    For additional information, contact Michelle Abanez.

    About NABEF

    The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to reinforcing the future of broadcasting through a commitment to education and to advancing excellence in the diversity and community service efforts of our industry. Learn more at

    About NAB Show

    NAB Show, held April 7 – 12, 2018 in Las Vegas, is the world’s largest convention encompassing The M.E.T. Effect, the convergence of media, entertainment and technology. With 103,000 attendees from 161 countries and 1,800+ exhibitors, NAB Show is the ultimate marketplace for solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new screens in new ways. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is where global visionaries convene to bring content to life in new and exciting ways.

    About NAB

    The National Association of Broadcasters is the premier advocacy association for America’s broadcasters. NAB advances radio and television interests in legislative, regulatory and public affairs. Through advocacy, education and innovation, NAB → continue…

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    Dual Channel Wireless Audio With Your iPhone or iPad

    By Posted by Jody Michelle Solis, Editor

    Wireless Audio For Mobile Is Catching On

    These days, more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets for video production. And why not? The cameras are getting better and better, and just about everybody has one.

    Shooting video with your iPhone is easy, but getting good audio is a little trickier. That’s why Azden started their i-Coustics® line of audio products, compatible with smartphones and tablets, so even mobile device users had an option to improve their video’s audio quality at an affordable price.

    But one of the most common questions Azden gets from end users about the i-Coustics® products goes something like this: “So if I buy a second transmitter I can record two people at the same time in an interview?”

    Unfortunately, the answer is no. To record two transmitters simultaneously you’d need a dual channel receiver. Azden does make a dual channel receiver for PRO Series transmitters, but using it with a mobile device requires a bit of a work-around.

    Azden’s Dual Channel VHF Wireless Systems

    Azden currently offers two complete dual-channel VHF wireless kits: the WDL-PRO, which comes with 2 belt-pack transmitters and lavalier microphones, and the WDM-PRO, which comes with one belt-pack/lavalier and one handheld transmitter. The key to the dual channel feature is Azden’s WR32-PRO dual-channel receiver which comes with both of the previously mentioned kits but is available for separate purchase.

    The nice thing about the WR32-PRO is that is compatible with all other PRO Series transmitters. So if you already own a WLX-PRO, WMS-PRO or WHX-PRO kit, then you have one compatible transmitter. You could then pick up the WR32-PRO and a second PRO Series transmitter (WL/T-PRO or WM/T-PRO) → continue…

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    Yosemite’s Horsetail Fall ‘firefall’ event will require a vehicle permit this year

    Photo by Ambitious Wench (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

    For two weeks every February, Yosemite’s Horsetail Fall appears to be composed of flowing lava rather than water when illuminated by the setting sun. This beautiful illusion is referred to as a “firefall,” and it draws a large number of visitors who want to witness it in person. Due to the expanding size of these crowds, officials have announced that visitors (including photographers) will need to get a vehicle permit.

    The permit requirement is an effort to deal with traffic issues and visitor safety, according to ABC7, which reports that officials are working with Yosemite Hospitality, Yosemite Conservancy, and the Ansel Adams Gallery on the matter. Details for the upcoming event are available on Event Brite where free reservations can be made.

    According to the event page, Yosemite visitors planning to arrive via vehicle will need a permit to access Northside Drive between Yosemite Valley Lodge and El Capitan Crossover. Northside Drive will be closed to those without a permit from February 12th to February 26th.

    A total of 250 parking permits are being offered for reservation on the Event Brite site.

    The reservation requires visitors to provide vehicular information, including license plate, car make and model, and car color. Those who successfully reserve a spot will then need to pick up their permit from The Ansel Adams Gallery on the day of the reservation. Additionally, 50 or more first-come, first-serve permits will be offered at the gallery until 3PM each day.

    According to the event page, in addition to getting a vehicle permit for the designation part of Northside Drive, visitors who want to see the firefall can either take a Yosemite Hospitality guided tour or hike to the viewpoints.

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    Huawei may be the first to launch a triple-camera smartphone

    Image: Forbes / Weibo

    With dual-cameras pretty much a standard-feature on high-end smartphones these days, it was only a matter of time before the first manufacturer would announce a mobile device with three (or even more) camera modules per side. If rumors are true, it looks as if this manufacturer will be China’s Huawei.

    Unlike in previous years, the Chinese device-maker won’t launch their new premium model at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of this month. Instead, the P20 (as the new model is likely to be called) will be announced at a stand-alone event in Paris on the 27th of March.

    According to a report by Forbes, the P20 will be the first smartphone to come with a triple-camera, offering a total resolution of 40MP and a 5x optical/digital hybrid zoom. Additionally, the front camera will feature 24MP resolution.

    As, with previous models, the cameras have reportedly been co-developed with German optics manufacturer Leica.

    The Huawei Mate 10 Pro features a dual cam co-engineered with Leica.

    There are no further details regarding how the triple-camera technology exactly works, but we would assume the typical image output size will be considerably smaller than 40MP, and the high pixel count is mostly used for hybrid zoom and computational imaging purposes, such as de-noising and HDR.

    The Mate 10 Pro is already one of the best smartphone cameras we have tested in a while, so it’ll be interesting to see what performance Huawei can squeeze out of a device with an additional camera module. We’ll know more in a few weeks time.

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    Tony & Chelsea: Stupid Terms in Photography

    By Canon Rumors Well, this made me laugh. I remember the days of doing intro to photography workshops, and trying to explain these terms logically, at times I made it worse. Much worse. Chelsea’s thoughts on “What is the field?” (regarding depth-of-field): “I bet one of you nerds knows and you’re gonna put it in the comments and … → continue…

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    Art of Santiago Ribeiro in Times Square, New York, advances to Coimbra, Portugal with Surrealism Now in 2018

    By santiagoribeiro

    NEW YORK & Coimbra, Portugal

    Following the multimedia exhibition of Santiago Ribeiro’s art in Times Square, the exhibition will now head to the ‘International Surrealism Now’ exhibition in Coimbra, Portugal, having also been featured in Paris at the “Osmosis…

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    “In Time, the Movie Always Reveals What It Wants to Be”: Editor Terel Gibson on Sorry to Bother You

    By Filmmaker Staff

    One of the breakout hits of this year’s Sundance, purchased by A24 in the festival’s last days, Boots Riley’s ambitious directorial debut Sorry to Bother You takes place in a near-feature uncomfortably close to the present. Telemarketer Cassius (Lakeith Stanfield) makes his way up the corporate ladder when it’s discovered his “white voice” does wonders in selling product. His rise up the corporate ladder, bringing him to the attention of unsound company head Steven Link (Armie Hammer), worries his activist girlfriend Detroit (Tessa Thompson). Editor Terel Gibson told Filmmaker about the challenges of assembling Riley’s satirical first film. Filmmaker: How and why did […] → continue…

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    Samsung ‘may release NX2’ to showcase Exynos CPU and Galaxy S9 capabilities

    By Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

    Comment on this article at the EOSHD Forum

    Comment on the forum Samsung might resurrect their flagship mirrorless camera to encourage sales of the upcoming S9 smartphone and showcase their camera technology. The way this rumour goes into such convincing technical depth is also intriguing to think about… According to Mirrorless Rumors the story is that Samsung Mobile have retrofitted an NX1 body with the Exynos 9810 SoC. If you remember back to the official Samsung interviews which accompanied the release of the NX1, they said the sensor was capable of 4K 120fps – and that was 2014. Here we are 4 years later and part of the spec of …

    The post Samsung ‘may release NX2′ to showcase Exynos CPU and Galaxy S9 capabilities appeared first on EOSHD.

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    “Being a Filmmaker Wasn’t Something It Occurred to Me… You Could Be”: Film Journalist Neville Pierce on His Path Towards Directing

    By Scott Macaulay

    Over nearly 20 years, film journalist Neville Pierce has collected bylines at most of the U.K.’s top film publications, including Empire (where he’s a contributing editor), Total Film (where he was the editor) and The Guardian. And while he worked as a reviewer early in his career, he’s best known for his long-form profiles of actors and directors, pieces that are deep dives into the art of craft of subjects like Michael Fassbender, Mark Romanek and, most consistently, David Fincher, whose sets he has visited and written about no less than seven times. But since 2011 Pierce has been building […] → continue…

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    Core SWX la batteria Nano-VBR98 per la Panasonic EVA1 con il P-Tap

    By News

    La Core SWX, leader nelle soluzioni di batteria e di ricarica, annuncia la sua ultima batteria, la Nano-VBR98, progettata esclusivamente per le fotocamere Panasonic EVA1. Con una capacità di 98wh (7,4v, 13200mah) e un peso di 400g, la Nano-VBR98 è un pacco batterie con un connettore di alimentazione da 12v e 2A, .

    “Il plug-in

    The post Core SWX la batteria Nano-VBR98 per la Panasonic EVA1 con il P-Tap appeared first on ProAV News e informazioni Foto, Cine Video .

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    Istituto Luce–Cinecittà Selects WCPMedia’s Cloud Platform to Promote Its Historic Film Catalog Globally

    By Artisans PR


    Italy’s historic Istituto Luce–Cinecittà has selected WCPMedia Services to manage its massive catalog of Italian feature films and documentaries. The state-owned film producer, distributor and archive will use WCPMedia’s cloud-based platform to…

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    IFH 218: Using Algorithms to Help Sell Your Indie Film with Sundance’s Liz and Jess – Indie Film Hustle

    By Alex Ferrari

    Using Algorithms to Help Sell Your Indie Film with Sundance’s Liz and Jess Sundance is back on the show. I had the pleasure of having returning champion Liz Manashil (listen to her interview here) and Jess Fuselier from the Sundance Institute. We discuss the very cool things they are up to at the Sundance Creative Distribution Fellowship…

    The post IFH 218: Using Algorithms to Help Sell Your Indie Film with Sundance’s Liz and Jess appeared first on Indie Film Hustle.

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    “Advocating For the Civil Rights of Women”: Editor Kate Hackett on Half the Picture

    By Filmmaker Staff

    The title of Amy Adrion’s Half the Picture should be taken semi-literally: if women are half the population but severely underrepresented behind the camera, what’s being lost? Her documentary interviews a number of female directors (including Gina Prince-Blythewood, Catherine Hardwicke and Penelope Spheeris) on their experiences, good and bad, while (not) making movies. Editor Kate Hackett explained her work on the film and why she found it inspiring prior to the film’s premiere. Filmmaker: How and why did you wind up being the editor of your film? What were the factors and attributes that led to your being hired for this job? Hackett: I […] → continue…

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    Zack Arias Talks Unsplash, and Some Serious Issues With the Site

    By Canon Rumors Professional photographer Zack Arias has posted a rather passionate video about the issues he sees with Unsplash, a web site that gives away photography for free. “Is this the race to the bottom that we’re all tumbling towards….” Zack talks about a lot of the issues he sees with Unsplash: There seems to be some … → continue…

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