The 10 Best Film Scores of 2017

By Justin Gunterman

What makes a good movie score? Is it how effectively the music pairs with the movie? Is it how easy the songs are to listen to by themselves? Determining what makes an effective score is a tricky task.

Truthfully, it’s a combination of several elements. All of those elements were taken into account when compiling this list of the best of 2017. The mission was to find music that paired well with their corresponding movies along with music that could be enjoyed anywhere at any time.

The list below consists of some of the more obvious Oscar favorites as well as some lesser known scores that were likely ignored due to the small scale of the movies. It’s unfair that the big budget films get recognized for their music every year when hardworking composers put together incredible pieces of music in smaller films. It’s equally important to note that these scores all differ stylistically. Simply put, there’s something for everybody.

10. David Wingo – Brigsby Bear

The quirky indie hit Brigsby Bear wowed critics and audiences alike with its heartwarming humor and optimistic tone. In particular, SNL regular Kyle Mooney earned heaps of praise for writing the undeniably inventive script. Frankly, this isn’t the type of movie you’d expect from a dude who used to make YouTube videos about not knowing how to smoke weed. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to appreciate.

A movie as unique as Brigsby Bear needs an equally creative soundtrack to go along with the madness. That’s where David Wingo comes in. Wingo is known for his collaborations with Jeff Nichols and David Gordon Green, but he has proven that he’s not above working with first-time directors. His work in the 2015 zombie flick Maggie was admirable. His work in Brigsby Bear, however, → continue…

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