10 Great Movies That Are Hard To Recommend

By David Zou

A good piece of art should always provoke an emotional reaction, cinema is perhaps the best equipped of the arts when it comes to inducing emotions. It can achieve so through such a variety of ways, that even a bad film is likely to cause the viewer to have a reaction to it, most likely hatred. However, a film can easily make its viewer have a negative emotional reaction to it and still be a great film.

This unique ability of cinema to emotionally involved its viewers through an innumerable variety of ways often makes some movies incredibly hard to recommend, despite their quality, and the reasons as to why a film can be hard to recommend is as varied as the ways it can make the viewers react to it.

Sometimes the plot of a movie alone can make it hard to recommend it, think Boogie Nights (Paul Thomas Anderson 1997) or Locke (Steven Knight 2013). A movie could also be hard to recommend based on how uncomfortable it is, like Requiem for a Dream (Darren Aronofsky) or Hard Candy (David Slade 2005).

Moreover, the reasons as to why a film might be uncomfortable to watch are also unfathomably varied, maybe the film is extremely graphic, maybe the subject matter itself is uncomfortable, perhaps the film is intensely depressive or simply downright weird.

This list was made with an attempt at finding a balance between highly depressive films, explicitly violent and/or sexual ones and simply bizarre movies, therefore some obvious choice for such a list were left out in order to make place for some less obvious choices, even though most of the films in this list should not come as any surprise to any cinephile.

10. Grave of the Fireflies (Isao Takahata, 1988)

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