Vittorio Storaro AIC ASC was honoured in Portugal

By (Tony Costa)

Last December, Vittorio Storaro spent a few days in Portugal, invited by the Portuguese Academy to be part of the Students Sophia Awards which the Academy holds every year in December to praise and show student works. The Academy took the advantage to honour Vittorio Storaro by attributing with the Life Time Achievement Award. The Portuguese Society of Cinematographers AIP has also joined the ceremony to praise Vittorio with a deserved homage by giving him as well the same award.

The three days spent with Vittorio was a boundless joy which culminated with a fantastic masterclass given by the master to a full crowd which filled the theatre at Belem Cultural Centre as part of the Academy Student´s day. The audience was mixed between scholars, cinematographers, and many others who were curious about the mastery of Vittorio. They were not disappointed after listening the legendary cinematographer talking about his journey into light and colour for an hour. The journey which he described his career explaining it thought the significance of colours and emotions was a superior moment of learning, apprenticeship and artistry. Vittorio Storaro rescued the audience emotionally and got back a standing ovation.

For those who already know and follow Vittorio ‘s career and his speeches know that he has been coherent and consistent all through these years about his philosophy of applying colour, lighting, composition and his inspirational sources. But it seems that no matter how well we know it, no matter how many times you hear it, seems to be new again. No matter the number of ties you have hear it and read it seems always to be the for the → continue…

From:: Imago News