“Shoot Movies with Your iPhone, There Are No Excuses,” Soderbergh Says

By Richard Lackey

At Sundance 2018, Steven Soderbergh has given us an interesting glimpse into his rather secretive world.

In the article published by Indiewire: “Steven Soderbergh Says He’s Done Directing Studio Movies and Wants to Only Shoot on iPhones — Sundance 2018” Soderbergh expresses his frustrations as a filmmaker with the Hollywood establishment, and his excitement for the future, a future where he, (and anyone with a story to tell) can use a smartphone to create imagery that stands up even on the big screen.

While many filmmakers and gear related news portals have placed the emphasis on Soderbergh’s praises of the iPhone, I think there’s more to it than that. This is not about the iPhone, it’s not about the camera at all… and that, to me, is the real point. This is about filmmaking, filmmakers, finding an audience, and the commercial viability of film outside the studio system.

It’s never been easier to shoot and post produce a film, and this is true regardless of budget (or lack thereof), but it’s never been more difficult to make money from it.

The Long Game

In an interview given at Sundance, Soderbergh explains his strategy, and his appetite to continue on a somewhat experimental path despite setbacks. “I’m playing a long game here,” he said. “I’m trying to develop an approach to putting out a movie in wide release that makes some kind of economic sense for the filmmakers and the people that have a participation in the movie. It’s going to take a while.”

Taking the focus away from the expense and mechanics of filmmaking in the traditional sense… all the gear, the crew, the infrastructure, and instead concentrating on the heart and soul of telling the story, the performances and direction, may open up opportunities for many would-be filmmakers that may have a ton → continue…

From:: Cinema 5d