The 10 Biggest Snubs and Surprises of The 2018 Oscar Nominations

By Mike Gray

Although there are a number of awards ceremonies each year for films, the one that gets everybody talking is the Academy Awards—the gold standard of film awards. And each year, just as many deserving films receive nominations for their achievements, both technical and performance-wise, there are also plenty of surprises and snubs that get online outlets talking and film critics producing articles about what was ignored and how some films got any nominations at all.

This is yet another one of those: here are the 10 most surprising nominations (or lack thereof) and snubs in this year’s Oscar nominations.


1. James Franco wasn’t nominated for Best Actor for The Disaster Artist

From his idiosyncratic body of work that oscillates between good (Pineapple Express, This Is The End) and abysmal (The Sound and the Fury, As I Lay Dying), with his directorial efforts comprising much of the latter, James Franco has become a divisive figure in the entertainment world.

Having built a public reputation for his hyperkinetic activities in the art world and of cultivating a strange public persona, Franco surprisingly delivered a mainstream film this year in the adaptation of Greg Sestero’s book The Disaster Artist, his first-hand account of making the cult film The Room and his relationship with its unfathomably odd director, Tommy Wiseau. Helming the production and playing Wiseau himself, Franco received some of the best reviews of his career and delivered surely his most successful directorial effort.

It seemed as if Franco was a shoe-in for multiple nominations—until a number of allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. Suddenly, the Oscar buzz around Franco disappeared, replaced by serious discussion of his potential numerous offenses.

Similarly, his film was nominated for only Best Adapted Screenplay (of which he wasn’t involved) and made sure Franco wouldn’t be present → continue…

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